Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Liquid [Likido]

@ mirandablue
Pagbigyan mo muna ako.  Katulad ng aking 4-year old na pamangkin, naaaliw ako manood ng iba't-ibang kulay ng tubig na patalon-talon at sumasayaw sa kanta ni Lady Gaga.  Bawat palit ng kulay at galaw, dapat makuhanan ng litrato.  Tuwang-tuwa si YanYan, ayaw ng umuwi.:p

YanYan @ mirandablue
Tubig---pinakamahalagang likido at sentro ng buhay.  Likas yata sa tao ang maakit sa kahit anumang porma at kilos ng tubig.  Hindi nga ba nakakabighani ang hampas ng alon sa dalampasigan, ang dumadagundong na tubig sa talon, ang batis na tahimik na dumadaloy, ang walang-patid na agos ng ilog at patak ng ulan?  

At alam natin pareho na ang pagmumuni-muni at ang tubig ay laging pinagtatagpo ng tadhana.


Indulge me, please.  Like my 4-year old nephew, I am one of those who is mesmerized by this colorful  fountain dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga. I was as spellbound as this little boy at every color, at every movement.  He was having so much fun, he didn't want to go home.:p

Water---the most essential liquid and hub of life.  I believe that we have this innate attraction to any movement and form of water.  Aren't you fascinated at the waves that crash to the shore,  at the thundering waterfalls, at the quiet stream, at the never-ending movement of the river and at every drop of rain?  And we both know that reflection and water are always destined to meet.

More refreshing liquids at Litratong Pinoy

@ mirandablue
For Thursday Two Questions - you are invited to join and answer these questions:

1.  What are the things that mesmerize you?
2.  When was the last time someone or something held you spellbound?

Fountains at Eastwood Mall @ mirandablue


Roberto Machado Alves said...

Great shot. Congratulations.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'll indulge you'll indulge me. :) Fountains are GREAT to watch, especially colourful ones.

Photo Cache said...

i love how this fits liquid literally and figuratively.

i too love to watch the dancing water/fountain.

H2OBaby said...

Kahit ako din naaliw din ako sa mga ganyan. :)) Ang ganda!

Jeannette StG said...

I am totally with the little boy - a fountain is already great to look at,so much more when it's a lighted fountain!!

Dr. Emer said...

Beautiful! Two things that mesmerize me: clouds and sunsets

Mine is here:

Happy LP!

 gmirage said...

love the colored water!

Kristin said...

It's wonderful to dance along with the songs and colourful lightings. Leave you spellbound.

Lui said...

My As:

1. A lot of things especially in nature can get me distracted for hours! Birds, mushrooms, flowers, rain...

2. A pampered kid literally dirtying her hands to assist their dog in nursing her puppies. I was spellbound and almost missed a meeting!

Margaret Duarte said...

Love your pictures.

(1)Organ music and the voice of an alto mesmerize me.

(2)The last time I was spellbound was while reading Mary Gaitskill's novel, Veronica. Each page, without exception, gifts the reader with such unique and mesmerizing detail that I am truely spellbound. Sometimes I have to quit reading because it's too much to take in during one sitting.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Fantastic shots.

1. There are a few things that always mesmerize me. Music, poetry, nature and animals. They can forever hold my attention.

2. My friend, who is a singer was here a few weeks ago holding a house concert and I was, as always, completely mesmerized by her performance.

upto6only said...

nakakaaliw nga silang panuodin lalo na pagnagiiba sila ng kulay.

Happy LP

irie said...

wow eastwood. :) kakamiss. ang saya siguro kumuha ng litrato ng tubig na ganyan...masubukan nga mninsan :)

kapangalan pa ng pinsan ko yung nephew mo po hehe.

happy LP :)

antigonum cajan said...

Greetings from the best BLOG in the Caribeean...

Good luck in your projects.

Icy BC said...

1) What mesmerizing me is to see beautiful little things that no one seems to care for, such as dead flowers.

2) Yesterday, I was spellbound by the beautiful grass seed with water drops on them..I spent like an hour just observing them, with my camera of course!

Unknown said...

i am mesmerized by the raw beauty of nature--a field of wildflowers, jagged cliffs pummeled by waves, a school of dolphins in the wild. artists with physical and developmental disabilities are also mesmerizing--a blind violinist, a painter using his foot, a hearing-impaired dancer.

i was spellbound watching my "tough" friend holding his newborn daughter for the first time.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow. I love that. They make for excellent night photos. Love the one that crosses over the walkway.

Donnie said...

Your photos are lovely. Rushing water over rocks in a stream have my full attention. It's been a while since we've been on a trip.

Self Sagacity said...

1) I am mesmerized by my daughter most of the time. She is a very lucky child and also very loving.
2) My daughter, I am with her all the time, so I am always doe doe over her.

Ebie said...

May I call them jumping water! The flicker of light fascinates not only the kids but also the kid in me!

DoanLegacy said...

Gorgeous photos!

1) what mesmerize me is the laughter of children..They sound so pure and beautiful.

2) Watching little people feed themselves..

Halie said...

Sa Eastwood ito ano? Nakakaaliw ngang pagmasdan ang mga sumasayaw at tumatalon na tubig duon.

If you have time, do drop by:


agent112778 said...

sino bang hindi maaaliw diyan. i like your entry

eto ang aking LP entry

Marka said...

Great fountains! I could watch them for quite awhile without getting bored, methinks.