Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Red table decor - Ruby Tuesday

leaf-shaped tray made from inlaid rattan

The non-stop rain has made me house-bound this past week, and it's driving me nuts with nothing interesting to take photos for Ruby Tuesday. So I dug into my archives and found something red to share this week. Here are some table decor pieces that would certainly light up a coffee, console, dining or side table. If you're into details, this is like dressing up your table, making it more interesting instead of leaving the space unoccupied. These table decors are all handcrafted in Cebu.

laminated balls and tray

Posted for Ruby Tuesday


NenNen said...

Hi, ang sarap tumambay at magsoundtrip sa blog mo. I like the theme as well. We both love the moon. I think you've read Alice Walker too. So great to be here. I'll be back. Thanks sa music :-)

Carletta said...

I'm impressed at what you found to photograph.
They are lovely and you took excellent shots!
We have the rain too. :(

My post is here: Carletta’s Captures.

Robin said...

They're beautiful, they'd look great in my kitchen, too.

Hope the rain stops soon so that you can get out and stretch your legs a bit.

RA said...

Wonderful ruby decors! Have a great day :)

Auntie E said...

The rubies in our homes are the best. Now I want a plum:-)Happy Ruby Tuesday

Suburban Girl said...

Rain...I feel your pain! Nice reds to make us forget about that rain!

Susan Cook said...

Beautiful table decor! It's supposed to rain here for the nex 4 days too. Thanks for sharing. Happy RT!

srp said...

Lovely plate and I adore plums, but they are not yet in season here. Nice shot.

Raven said...

What lovely pieces. I especially like the top one.

Jim said...

Hi Luna, you have found some 'pretties' for RT.
I read your European recap post just now. It seems that you had a very nice holiday in Europe.
We have just returned from a 16 day driving holiday in Europe. We were at Barcelona (Spain), the Midi Pyrones area of France near Carcasonne, Andorra, and back to Barcelona.
Next we flew to Paris and after three days we drove leisurely up to Bruges, Belgium and back to Paris.
Excepting Paris, those were places we had not previously visited. We stopped at Giverney on the way back to Paris, we had missed that all the times before also.
The link on my name (Jim) here will take you on what I have posted so far.
Mrs. Jim, 48-year-old son (Tim), and I made the trip just fine.
This may be our last driving trip in Europe, my arthritis bothers me also and I am almost too old to get a rented car.

Thank you for your visit to RT and for the nice comment. I am sorry that I am just now getting back to you.

bertN said...

It is about time we have a lean Santa! Hindi ba?