Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hipster, anyone?

It is said that women become invisible after they reach a certain age. I usually feel invisible when shopping for regular jeans and all I could find in stores are those low-rise jeans and hip-huggers that should be banned to be worn in public. These low-slung jeans have certainly redefined our collective understanding of cleavage. I’m sorry but I don’t have the courage to walk around with multiple folds of skin, G-string and crevice on display.

While the little feminist in me applauds some women’s cool indifference in flaunting their body imperfections, the admirer in me finds the style objectionable. I’m not a fashion guru but hipster jeans suits only 13-year old girls, anorexics, and supermodels that have the luxury of devoting time and money to having a perfect physique.

Sipping mojitos at Café Havana one Friday night, I couldn’t keep a smirk off my face seeing a girl wearing a pair of low-riding jeans try to sit with dignity. Her fraternal twin at the next table had the common sense to tie a jacket around her waist. Don’t let her drop anything, I prayed, or she would be forced to perfect the art of squatting to keep her poise. Low-rise jeans also tend to slide down that the girl kept on hitching it up. How can you feel sexy in that?

I don’t consider low-rise jeans to be appropriate to a woman of certain age, unless you're a Belo patient or Zsa Zsa Padilla. And yes, being invisible is preferable than call attention to myself by putting my hips, derriere, and love handles in some humiliating reality show.


Ebie said...

I agree with you 100%! They look so disgusting!

Anonymous said...

every one has its own expression and to wear such low hip jeans need courage but then one must have courage to acccept anything comes on its way nice blog but should it reaches to masses

Mari said...

It's unbelievable why some women would wear something that doesn't suit them just to be in fashion. I've seen some where the crack of their behind would show. Disgusting.

Maria Berg said...

No I do not like it, and here the boys will drop the pants more or less UNDER the bum... (Hate to look at theirs underwear's.

These low-slung jeans have certainly redefined our collective understanding of cleavage. .... Fun way of writing it, thank you, MB

2sweetnsaxy said...

It's not that I mind the jeans. What I mind is that some women/girls don't seem to get that they can't wear just anything. Just because something is in style doesn't mean they should wear it or they should at least opt for the larger size that is the right size. The right clothes are suppose to enhance your beauty not turn it in the opposite direction.

bernadette said...

so!! That's it!!! I just bought a pair of jeans and I keep pulling it up to my waist! I was wondering that they fitted my legs nicely but then the "waistline" was just too wide! My hubby commented that I looked like wearing a sack-y pair of pants :-D!