Friday, February 13, 2009

Food Friday: sweet but not simple

I am not much of a dessert fan. A cup of coffee after a meal is good enough for me. If given a choice, I would go for fresh fruits rather than cakes or pastries. But when my friend K introduced me to this mango torte from Dulcelin Gourmet, I gave in after the first bite. Scoops of fresh, luscious ripe mango and cream---a surprise ending to a delicious meal. I'm no expert but what makes this mango torte so good is probably the contrasting texture of mango and the chewy-crunch of cashew-based nougatine, it's not sugary-sweet, and it's golden beauty is a delight to my eyes. It's simply a perfect dessert that rolls decadently into the embrace of hot, black coffee.

Posted for Food Friday


Sidney said...

I am like you...I have no sweet tooth.
But it looks indeed very tempting !

Gracey said...

wow, seems like it's really delicious.
wanna taste it. :D

please visit my home. tnx!

 gmirage said...

It looks so attractive that I nakakahinayang tuloy kainin! Pahingi mo na lang! :D

Anonymous said...

Oh you have me at hello! I could already imagine how good that tastes...

escape said...

whoa! i love mango tarts. anything that has mangoes is delicious.

escape said...

anything that has sweet yellow mangoes is delicious!

Zeee said...

Oh my gosh! A little variation for the common chocolate cake! That looks yummy indeed!

Serving my Valentine's Day themed Food Friday here

Anonymous said...

five things why i think, I'll love this blog:
1. it's got a dog on it.
2. foood, glorious foood!
3. awesome photography
4. you're a beer drinker
5. because i know for a fact that girls from Dumaguete are pretty, witty, adventurous, articulate but still have that probinsyana sensibility in them.ΓΌ
GOd bless!

Unknown said...

bro utoy, thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. i have relatives in dumaguete but i'm from bacolod (iisang tribu pa rin). FBI (full blooded ilongga) ini.:D

Anonymous said...

that looks positively yummy!!! have to try that one of these days! :)

thanks for playing, Luna
Happy FF

Anonymous said...

ano ba ito???? kapag napo-post ka ng pagkain ay gusto kong magsagwan at pumuntang Menila! ngayon mango torte naman...pamatay!!!!

anyway, dear Luna thanks for reminding me of what I actually miss :-X!

agent112778 said...

sad to say im not a fan of fruits in cakes bcoz i love choco cakes

my entry is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)