Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haydengate scandal

A male colleague brought some documents to my desk this afternoon, and casually asked if I have already seen Hayden's newest sex video. I was expecting an Aling Dionisia joke, but instead he opened his cellphone and showed me a video of a naked Ruffa Mae Quinto in bed, with close-up shots of her private parts. Same headboard from Hayden-Katrina video, the room looked intimately familiar (like I've been there! haha). In the video, Ruffa Mae was totally aware of the camera, and she was very relaxed. I was speechless!

I strained my ears and noticed how quiet the office was---even the telephones were silent. I walked around and everybody was monitoring the Senate hearing involving Dr. Hayden Kho, Jr. and Katrina Halili. There was live video streaming of the Senate hearing and it looked like everybody was glued to their computer screens. My colleagues even missed their cigarette break!

The scandal has riveted the public's attention since the first sex videos came out almost two weeks ago. Every night when I come home from work, my mother would update me on the latest development. Instead of her favorite telenovella, Haydengate is now my mother's latest obsession. She wants Dr. Kho castrated, stripped of his medical license (not of his underwear) and exiled from the Philippines forever (he's already been declared persona non grata in Palawan and Bohol). And I don't blame my mom for feeling that way---if you're a woman, or a man with a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, you would be equally disgusted at this good-looking deviant.

But let me just say that the women in Hayden's video collection are not totally blameless. Granted, the young doctor is hot and sexy, and the fact that he is a doctor definitely makes him irresistibly attractive...but what about his character? We all know that he has a girlfriend when he had liaisons with the women in his video collection. And if showbiz insiders are to be believed, the girlfriend allegedly owns the condo he lives in and supports him with a 300K monthly allowance. So basically, he's a kept man who cheats. How could a rational woman expect something honorable from a guy like that? At the Senate hearing this afternoon, Hayden testified that "it was all sex and drugs with Katrina." While Katrina said the doctor charmed and wooed her---she even introduced him to her mother and she was in love with him. Unfortunately, love made her stupid.

What about the rest of Hayden's "victims"? I could only speculate that perhaps his ex-lovers had hoped he would eventually leave his girlfriend, Dr. Belo, and marry one of them, or they didn't was all fun and games, until the sex videos were uploaded in the internet. I can't help but wonder if the women in the sex videos had sexual relations with Hayden in the same manner that Hayden recorded their encounters in bed. He's their trophy lover---and in turn, their sex videos were his trophies, evidence of his conquests, proof of his vanity.

For a change, I hope something tangible would come out from the Senate hearing---like a law with sharp enough teeth to strike fear into the hearts of deviants and perverts. To make them think twice before victimizing unsuspecting women, men and children. Let's all learn a lesson or two from this scandal---number one, be very careful with who you'd like to get naked with; and if you think you're being duped, don't get mad, get even!:D

P.S. I hope the Senators would change their minds and conduct the next hearings behind close doors. The whole drama brings out the voyeur in all of us.


eastcoastlife said...

My Filipino girlfriend was aghast at the hearings too. Her employees talked nothing but about this case daily and easily with anyone. Every one's curious over this real life drama. :P

Photo Cache said...

I know nothing about this, but that wont stop me from putting in my 2 cents :D.

First, does this (if there was a crime committed) merit a Senate hearing? What was the charge btw? This boggles my mind because of the resources used to investigate this could be put to a better use, say investigate how to make Juan de la Cruz's life better?

Second, actions have consequences, like it or not. I don't think one is totally guilty or totally innocent. Both parties are guilty and innocent at the same time.

Third, if you're a girl and you know that you're dating an attached guy, honey, don't expect a saint. You know you are getting mud into your shoes by daring to do this, so don't get freaking mad if one day you wake up and find out you're all covered in mud.

Fourth, now I am getting curious. Have to find time checking the videos online.

Have a great weekend.

Oman said...

well said. i like to post a topic about this particularly on the laws applicable in this case like anti-violence against women and children of whom i think hayden is guilty of committing. i just hope i cud find a time to compose one.

mahaba pa ang istorya na to kasi talagang nakisawsaw na politika, kaya dito na naka-focus talaga mga tao.

Sidney said...

I really don't understand the fuss... only in da Philippines.

Kho is a private person... his girlfriends were not minors...they knew all about Kho's character... and probably knew about the recordings.

Don't understand what is so special about the tapes... any porn movie shows more... and why senators must devote taxpayers money on the issue is a mystery...

If somebody wants to sue...lets ordinary courts decide about this matter not the Senate of the Philippines...

Porn video's with minors are openly on sale in Quiapo (see my Quiapo photo series in my blog) and no enforcement body ever took action.

It is again grand standing from a few Senators and unhealthy curiosity of the public in the life of the rich and the famous.

escape said...

i agree. it deserves to be a private hearing. gulat din ako that even the number of people inside are just too many. may coverage na, dami pa rin nasa loob.

i agree that the women there are not blameless.

Ebie said...

I would totally agree with your Mom on his punishment, if found at fault.

Unknown said...

hi, lawstude! i hope you would find time to write your thoughts on this scandal, and the applicable laws. i asked a lawyer-friend if RA 9262 (Anti-Violence against women and their children) can be applied on this case---hindi daw! let's hope the Senate would expedite the passing of Sen. Santiago's Anti-Video Voyeurism Act...the bill is just gathering dust!

Unknown said...

hello, Sidney! i don't discount the possibility that some politicians have jumped on the bandwagon to get media mileage. but according to lawyers and lawmakers, we don't have a specific law that criminalizes photo & video voyeurism. without a specific law, a person caught video-taping an unsuspecting person can only be charged with "unjust vexation" with a fine ranging from 5 pesos to 200 pesos! with hi-tech gadgets available, even an 8-yr old could videotape his yaya. clearly, we need a tougher law.

movie & music piracy, kids in porn movies, videos of gang rapes---a big job for a government agency to stop the selling & buying. we all know how fast dvd/cd's can be reproduced. hell, the police can make raids everyday---dvd/cd duplicators continue to reproduce. obviously, our society has an appetite for pornography.

but i'm hoping that with an Anti-Video Voyeurism law, people engaged in the business of video-taping unwilling & unsuspecting victims would get what they deserve.

bernadette said...

personally, I find this hayden case interesting in that people are interested in it. Madaling sakyan kasi as compared with other scandals so far that talk of billions of pesos with this and that bureaucratic shenanigan. Kailangan gamitin ang kukote to say "hey, we're being screwed!" Here, it's easy to understand the screwing going on haha! Sorry for the lewdness, Luna...can't help it!

Unknown said...

hahaha the lewdness is understandable, Bernadette. the senators have been focused on Villar's alleged insertions, and the public got bored. in aid of legislation (i hope!), our dear senators have given us something to analyze, watch & talk about.