Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sky-riding in Davao

One of my adventures in Davao was the "Skyrider" at Eden Nature Park. It was a heart-pumping experience, and I have proven once again that I'm still not too old to try something new.:D My cousin, Franzia, was quaking in her feet and almost backed out. "What's the worse thing that could happen?" I asked her. "Well, I could die!" was her answer. I assured her that I'd call her insurance agent first if anything would happen (I'm bad!). In the end, I convinced her to do it. And boy, she's glad she did it!

Located about 2,600 feet above sea level and overlooking Davao City, "Skyrider", also called "death slide", is an adventure anybody should try. It's a typical zip-line that consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on 2 towers. The cable is about 200 meters long (one way) and 50-60 feet high. A safety harness and helmet are requisite so I was not worried.

While sliding down hanging from a cable, I snapped some photos and enjoyed the view of the city and Davao Gulf. It was definitely the highlight of my trip.

a snapshot before my "death slide"

a few meters from the tower

the tower

snapshots I took while sliding:

the view below

that's where I come from!

a shot taken by my cousin


Anonymous said...

Do you have to grap a hold of the cable line like you were doing as you zip along? Hands free or not, it is a bit scary - remember, the speed of a free fallng body is 32ft/sec/sec LOL.

SeƱor Enrique said...


This reminds me of the ski lift at the ski resorts, but those were more like seats for two people, but no harness. It took some time before I finally learned how to jut my butt so I could get on it. Those things don't stop for you: you slide your butt in, and then out when you get off.

But I'd love to try this one you were on!

nutart said...

hahaha! nice documentation---parang pelikula! dalawa pa yata yung kumuha sa iyo? Para bang yung ginawa mong rapel sa Tanay? o, mas nakakatakot ito? Great job, lady! Now you can say you conquered your fear of heights!

Unknown said...

hi bertn! i wish i didn't a camera so i had my hands free during the slide. it was a bit scary when we were climbing the tower but when i reached the top, all i wanted was to do it! i didn't show these photos to my mother, baka mabatukan ako e. hahaha

Unknown said...

i saw that ski lift in the movies.:D at least there's a harness at the skyrider, and after your harness was attached to the cable, you can either slide yourself out of the tower or the guy manning the tower will push you. meron pa nga daw yumayakap sa kanya sa sobrang takot (hahaha). you should try this one, Eric.

Unknown said...

Buti na lang hindi naman pang "Whacked Out Sports" itong pics ko (haha). It was my cousin who took the pics and she was nervous. this is more exciting than rappeling because you can see everything around you, pati na yong babagsakan mo kung sakali.:D

I'm not really afraid of heights. It's more of my danger radar being active. Thanks for dropping by, Bernadette.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what an adventure Luna! :) I think I'm too much of a sissy to do that. At talagang nag-picture ko pa ha. But what a great experience.