Monday, August 4, 2008

Lasang Pinoy, Sundays: Birthday

Cantonese style noodles

Pansit (or noodles) is probably one Pinoy dish that is ever present in a Filipino gathering, especially in a birthday celebration. It's traditional to serve pansit on birthdays because the noodles is said to represent everybody's wish for the celebrator's long life.

Luk Yuen's Cantonese style noodles is a friend's favorite. It's a little sweet, no veggies, no other meat but strips of ham, and garnished with sesame seeds. Below is the traditional Pansit Canton, noodles are sauteed with with pork, shrimps, liver, fish balls and veggies (cabbage and carrots). Pansit Canton and Puto (rice cake) with cheese were brought over by my landlady yesterday afternoon---it was her 68th birthday. With a bottle of soda, it was a perfect Sunday merienda!

Pansit Canton and Puto with cheese

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Anonymous said...

wow ang daming pang-long life!:) now i want some pancit!hey thanks for the birthday greeting!

Panaderos said...

Pancit canton is a Panaderos family favorite. Back in the day, family members used to have a late post-dinner snack that featured pancit canton and hot pandesal. It was so good and satisfying that we all didn't mind going to bed with a full stomach. Hehehe

Unknown said...

what i'm craving right now is hot, pansit lucban (also called pansit habbah). there's Buddy's across the street...mamayang merienda na!:D you're welcome, ces!

Unknown said...

ay the best yon---pansit canton and hot pandesal! my father used to "bribe" us with pansit canton when he came home late...midnight na and we were snacking on pansit.:D i bet you miss those days (nights:D), too, Panaderos.

Zeee said...

ah! now I'm missing pancit!