Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kama Sutra at breakfast

My grumbling stomach and the smell of fried rice led me to two flights of stairs to the top floor of Ponce Suites. Like the hallways on each floor, the restaurant is also loaded with artsy stuff, a collection of green bottles, mosaic animal shapes and plants. A cozy corner where hanging plants shades the breakfast table creates a comfortable ambiance. The textured mosaic animals’ shapes remind of a children’s park, playful and relaxed.

While waiting for breakfast to be served, my eyes roamed and were arrested by artworks on the ceiling. I came closer to make out what those ET-like creatures were doing. My cousin and I probably looked like a couple of weirdos looking at the ceiling with our mouths open. No, we were not watching lizards making out---but we were as fascinated as a devout of Michelangelo’s paintings at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Apparently, Kublai Millan adorned the ceiling with Kama Sutra-inspired two-dimensional artworks (you're a naughty boy, Kublai!). What a unique idea!

It was a little before 7 o’clock in the morning---an ungodly hour to talk about Kama Sutra. But it certainly made us giggle, and smile. He probably put it there to challenge or perhaps to discomfit, or to spark an energetic, sensual chat. Those paintings changed my mood and my entire frame of mind---it was a bit difficult to concentrate on food afterwards (hahaha)!

the restaurant

artworks on the ceiling

stairs leading to the artist's loft

ceiling of the loft

a mosaic croc-cum-steps to the artist's studio


Panaderos said...

I guess he placed the paintings in the breakfast room as a reminder of things to look forward to later in the day. Hehehe Biro lang. :D

nutart said...

Kublai Kahn is crazy :-)! and would like to bring the looker also in to his world of fantasy and prolific imagination!

I had A student from Davao and his style is also quite full of details. I observe that maski na pareho ang general "magulo-na-look" ng art of my former students (let's say, from Baguio and Davao)iba pa rin sila. Interesting :-)!

Kama Sutra for breakfast---wow! Busog ang senses (haha!)

Unknown said...

that's probably the real reason, Panaderos (hehehe).

Unknown said...

maybe the davaoenos are not afraid to express themselves in their art, bernadette.:D there's new park in davao city where kublai's gigantic sculptures are displayed all over the place. his sculptures in the park are more playful...most of them children at play. kakaaliw!

Anonymous said...

interesting artwork! and very environmental friendly as well..

Anonymous said...

wow. what an eyeful for breakfast. is that still in davao? i have to go there! ;-)

Unknown said...

yes, caryn, they are all waiting for you in davao.:D