Friday, August 15, 2008

Sky Watch Friday: from my window

Sky-watching from my office window yesterday afternoon.

(Please forgive the ghost of my camera on the glass.)

Looking down, here's my view.

There's a 24-hour Mc Donald's at the right corner, a Jollibee and Buddy's Pancit Lucban at the building on the right. While on the ground floor of our office building, there's a Starbucks and a Seattle's Best Coffee. My attempts at dieting and cost cutting are going down the drain---I'm surrounded by temptations everyday!:D

More sky photos at Sky-Watch Friday.

P.S. This was posted in advance as I am out of town.


Mojo said...

That's an interesting cloud formation in the top shot. Almost looks like a satellite photo of a hurricane... upside down. Or something.

Keith said...

Kumusta, Lady Luna? I am thinking what a shock it was for me when I was in Cagayan de Oro, and learned that the McDo downj the street was 24 hours. Not even here, in California (that I know of) do we have that.

I know that from the Jollibee and Red Ribbon Bake Shop I saw in Daly City, I realized how business has changed in the world.

I walk along the road, and look down to see that magic flakes wrapper stuck to my shoe, and instantly feel like I crossed the ocean.

Sky watch indeed... Wonderful post, Luna

 gmirage said...

A while back I saw a video of a tornado in Laguna bay...your photo reminded me of how the sky was swriling then...Like a big something taking over Makati ..

=D Thats time go to someplace further to burn the calories lol.

Unknown said...

hi, gizelle! yeah, looks like a spaceship.:D that's a good idea, walking after a meal. but you know how it is---it's either too hot to stay outside, or it's raining. i sometimes use the stairs going back to the office.:D

Unknown said...

Magic flakes wrapper stuck on your shoe! Hahaha That is so the Philippines, Keith. A few years ago, we only have 7-Eleven's open for 24 hours. But with all the call centers here, there's definitely a market for 24-hour fastfood. Now, there are 'gotohan' and 'turo-turo' open 24/7 to cater the taxi drivers and graveyard shift workers. So it's no longer a problem if you're craving for siomai at 3am, there's Chowking, too.:D

Thanks for visiting again.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Mojo.