Thursday, February 21, 2008

Unexplained phenomena

Inexplicable things bother me. It’s those random, chronic silly little details, mannerisms, events, accepted but incomprehensible. But no one bothers to explain or ask why. Maybe it’s the mole on my forehead. Maybe it’s from lack of sleep and over-analyzing everything. Maybe I am indeed kooky. But do you ever stop to wonder why some things are and why do we let it grow and fester and the next thing we know, it’s got a life of its own, like some infectious disease. There are things that defy explanation that nags me endlessly. Here’s my current list:
  • Why “me” not “I”? I’m sure you got at least one text message like this---“d2 na me wer na u”, or “go lang me sa SM”, “busy lang me” then it mutated and now I actually hear it being said. “Buy lang me sa 7-11”, “paid na me this morning”. Where did this come from? I can’t even say that it shortens a sentence! It’s getting pervasive like the weird adding of the silent H in everything from “ubeh” to “Anahbelle”. My co-worker, Tomas, signs his name as Thom (ewwwww)! Whoever invented this and thought it’s cute, I hope you would grow a huge boil in your armpits. Meanwhile, cry na lang me! :(
  • The white supremacy. Whitening products are all over the place. Look at the billboards with women showing off their white, flawless armpits. And Juday on TV, proud of her white elbows, knees, back, and face. Another set of celebs telling us that nothing touch their [fair, white] skin but Belo! With the deluge of whitening products to whiten the face, body, armpits, even food supplements we should have erased the brown race by now. My neighbor who used to be a morena has now a delicate pinkish white complexion that looks like the underbelly of a fish. I see women in the streets with white/reddish faces---like they were skinned and left to burn under the noontime sun; weird thing is, their necks are brown! Aside from papaya soap, does eating achara could turn our skin white, too?
  • The photo menace: the V for sungay! While the Nazi had the Hitler salute, the Japanese have the trademark “peace sign” in every photo op, we have the devil’s horn by the way of the V sign. I can’t explain it or why I even do it occasionally. An American friend once asked me what it meant…I just said that maybe it’s from a need to pass blame and say---the devil made me do it and look, HERE HE IS! V sign and click!
  • Naked men in webcams. I can’t explain why there are men who invite you to view their webcams and there he is in all his naked glory! Their profiles are also filled with their naked or half-naked photos. What did you eat to make you think it’s sexy? Jessica Zafra was right when she said it on her radio show that when men see a naked woman, they become silent. But when women see a naked man, they laugh! Totoo nga! Unless you’re a male underwear model, please keep your clothes on. Maawa ka sa makaka-view sa ‘yo! Sorry, boys!
  • The flock that go to the women’s toilet. Often discussed but even as a woman, I can’t explain it myself why anytime, anywhere, anyplace, if one goes, all the ladies have to go too. Why is that? They say we gossip about the men left behind but isn’t it a better strategy to let one stay behind to listen in to what they say about us?
There is a great deal of unexplained phenomena from “why do men have nipples?” to “why are there still people who believe Erap is innocent of plunder?” I must share though, one mind boggling thing that drives all those around me bonkers: why I have closets full of clothes and yet, claim to have nothing to wear? I know. It baffles me, too.


 gmirage said...

Lol. I was laughing hard about while reading these are oddities for me too...especially 'espasol face' fever!
I hate it too when people I chat with shortens words like they do in a txt msg (hehe). I mean I type the whole sentence out and I can't comprehend txt spellings because I seldom use my fone's txt messaging features.

=P on naked guys, its laughable nga! lol.

Sidney said...

Food for psychoanalysts and psychiatrists !

Migs Bassig said...

Oh goodness, you've no idea how much SMS technology and linguistics bother me, too. People are not being cute at all.

By the way, naughty picture of a nice product. Ha! (Or is it the other way around?)

Unknown said...

It's good to know that at your age, you don't find it cute, Migs. My young cousins would tell me that I'm "old" when I complain about weird abbreviations on text messages. Boy, I'm glad I'm old!

The naughty picture was sent to me by a naughty friend. Versatile product.:D

Unknown said...

Good point, Sidney! But some people wouldn't want to be "cured". That's alright...each of us has some degree of craziness anyway.:D

Unknown said...

When someone sends me a message (on YM) that says, H R U...I click the ignore button right away! Or should I reply with GB? hahaha

Living in a fast-paced world has its consequences. Let’s hope kids won’t talk in abbreviations 20years from now, and would love their natural brown skin. :)

On naked guys on cam...I always tell them---let me get my magnifying glass first! :D