Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Last Reunion

You've filled completely
this cloudy January day
with reminisces and warm laughter,
chocolate cake and coffee,
a few sips of beer and your brown eyes.
And now unable to sleep
because the day is finally going home
because your sleep has locked me out,
I watched you and wonder.
I know your face by touch when its dark
I know the profile of your sleeping face,
the sound of your sleeping.
Sometimes, I think you were all sound---
kicking free the covers,
switching off the lights,
moving about in the bathroom,
lighting a cigarette.
I know the plains and length of your body
the movement of your eyelids when you dream
the measure of your breathing.
I have total recall of you
and this reunion will close the chapter
of memories kept in the deep recesses of my mind.
It's quiet now.
Only the clock
moving towards rejection tomorrow
breaks the stillness.


 gmirage said...

I was surprised at the page's new look. =D

What a fitting photo for the lonely poem...

Unknown said...

I hope you like the new look! :D Salamat, Gzel.

 gmirage said...

Yes I do, Like you said this layout is friendlier to the eyes. Nagulat lang ako that it wasn't black and was thinking, what did I clicked? =D

Anonymous said...

Are these poems originally composed by you?

I find them compelling.

Your thoughts too are a joy to read (well, for reading sake that is). It might be construed at rejoicing at your pains but actually its the way you write your thoughts that make your page an interesting read.

I was just surfing the web, and how do you call that,"serendipity"? I am now reading your blog.

Have a great day.