Sunday, August 3, 2008

Moymoy Palaboy fan

Two Fridays ago, I caught "Bubble Gang" on TV and saw the "Iyo Tube" segment. My jaw dropped when I saw this duo "performed" Mamma Mia. I was confused at first then realized that they were doing a lip-synch. I laughed so hard that my neighbor thought I was screaming. :D

I have no idea when the "Iyo Tube" segment started, or who these 2 guys are. In You Tube, it looks like "Moymoy Palaboy" started posting their videos last year and one of their videos has more than 7 million hits! These guys are famous! Without using their own voices, the duo revealed in a "100% Pinoy" interview that they made their videos using a celphone, set inside a cramped apartment in Pasay with an older woman (their aunt) casually wandering about at the background. The videos came out raw and natural, and funny. And I think they're hilarious and talented.

Now that they've landed a segment in "Bubble Gang", this duo is definitely on their way to fame. I'll be looking forward to their next "Iyo Tube" performance.


nutart said...

Hi Luna! I saw them through MarketMan's blog! Yep, the charm of their videos come from that their footages are sooo amateur-ish in that it is in a cramped apartment room (sa may kusina pa yata) but the way they lip-synched and choreographed each other is very ingenious! They're quite Pinoy talents! Their mouths remind me of Carding of the ReyCard duo. I kept laughing at the song "the Lion Sleeps in the Jungle" or something. The guy on the right did a magnificent rendition of (I think) Ella Fitzgerald!

Unknown said...

The first time I saw them in Bubble Gang, I thought, wow, Michael V did it again! You said it, they also remind of the Reycards (ha-ha). I love their choreography and their facial expressions. Kaloka! Nakakawala ng problema.:D

Stay dry, Bernadette!:)

Anonymous said...

that is hilarious!!never saw them before, thanks for sharing!:)