Sunday, June 22, 2008


A few years ago, when my mother first saw Ozzy Osbourne in MTV’s most popular reality TV show “The Osbournes”, she asked me if he’s mentally handicapped (her term actually was “retarded”). “And what’s with the bleeps?” my mother asked. We got the censored version of the show that all the foul language was bleeped. Sometimes, full sentences were bleeped! That, I find funny.

I am not really an Ozzy Osbourne fan, or a fan of any reality TV show, for that matter. This morning though, while channel-surfing hoping to catch a "Dexter" rerun, I caught an interview of the Osbournes. Tired of the news about the tropical storm Frank...what would you normally do on a stormy Sunday morning? Of course, vegetate and watch The Osbournes! Then I remember one Ozzy Osbourne song that I loved as a teenager and still do---“Changes” by the Black Sabbath, a ballad with a kick.

This song meant a great deal to me after I lost a high school friend to leukemia when I was 15. "Changes" also brings back memories of riding jeepneys in the early 80's with its booming stereos and halogen light that turns everybody's skin to a deathly purple.

Black Sabbath was an English heavy metal band formed by Ozzy Osbourne in 1968. I remember Black Sabbath fans in high school and we “good kids” thought of them as Satanists (only because of the black shirts and gothic look!). Ozzy was also branded a Satanist since his Black Sabbath days, and he’s a self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness. Of course, at the height of The Osbournes fame, the Prince of Darkness has become a household name and very much the Father of the Year.

a duet with his daughter, Kelly

Ozzy, according to articles in the net, is far from a devil worshiper. He is simply a talented rebel with a flair for creating controversy, and thus publicity. His drug abuse and alcohol dependence are also culprits of his wild and outrageous behavior. In a meeting during the early 80’s, Ozzy grabbed a live dove, bit off the head and spat it out to get attention. He gained further notoriety after he bit off the head of a bat while performing, thinking it was made of rubber. He also admitted to having shot their family pets, all 17 cats, at the height of his drug addiction.

Ozzy Osbourne is indeed a colorful character. He and his wife Sharon are also one of the richest couples in the UK with an estimated 100 million pounds in assets. I can’t say that I love Ozzy Osbourne but he sure is entertaining…and his duet with Kelly is so sweet.


nutart said...

OMG! I love doves and cats! Ozzy...did that? :-( :-Z
And he's still rich? Where's the karma?

Panaderos said...

Beautiful song. There are indeed times when we go through painful and unwelcome changes in our lives. His heart cries out in the song. It's because of songs like this one that I became a rock music fan. It wasn't just about the sound, there was also the message.

I must admit that Ozzy did a pretty good remake of the song with his daughter. I'm not too fond of remakes but I certainly like the one they did.

Unknown said...

Hahaha Bernadette, sometimes karma takes a long time. Look at our politicians!:D

But you know, aside from his drug and booze problems, Ozzy is suffering from Parkin Syndrome (not Parkinson's) that causes involuntary tremors. Baka yon ang karma nya.:D

Unknown said...

I love rock music up to this day because of its energy and the edge of how it expresses visceral human emotions. And I guess there are moments when we can't scream our guts out, we'd rather listen to somebody doing it for us! Hahaha

Thank you, Panaderos.

 gmirage said...

When I first came to Vienna we watch this a lot on TV! lol...and yes there were lots of bleep! Its good though they kept it in english and put German subtitles than the other way around, funny family though...Save for the son lol =D Hope their dogs are still ok though...

Unknown said...

I watched a few of the episodes, but I didn't really have the tolerance for their grotesque antics.:D I prefer Ozzy when he was still a respected rock singer.:D Thanks for visiting, G.