Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Father, the greatest

I wrote this poem almost 20 years ago in honor of my father who passed away in 1979. This was published in a national women's magazine for their Fathers' day issue. I am sharing this with all the fathers---the men of our hearts, our champions, our biggest admirers.

On your shoulder lies

the burden of the world

as you struggled against the odds

to make me live.

The life you bravely faced alone

the battles you fought and won

are like a candle in a dark room

giving me hope to carry on.

I know you wouldn't surrender

though your brow grow damp with pain

you never flinch, wince nor groan,

but bear in silence and drift to dream.

You were unconquerable, my Father

until Death soothed your weary mind

you didn't resist nor try to fight

instead, you embraced Death so tight.

You are the greatest, as you lay triumphant

for what is to die, but to free life

from its restless tides,

and to seek God unencumbered?


escape said...

nice one luna. im sure he's happy now and proud of you.

Panaderos said...

That was lovely. Take care.

Unknown said...

thank you, dong. that's a nice thing to say.:)

Unknown said...

thank you, Panaderos.

nutart said...

I feel this be a universal ode to all fathers who behaved like fathers in the real sense. The grief to lose such fathers is just as universal.