Thursday, June 26, 2008

Questions of an Insomniac

How does the body plead---wounded as it is from all its battles with the world---to the god of sleep?

Does it simply have to close its eyes and let the darkness flood the skin's interior like the water that closes---oh so gently---above the head of a drowning child?

Or does it need to fumble and tumble, to shout if it can until it is once again so tired and beaten it can choose to die?

If there, the body's slowly sinking into that soundless depth of sleep, how can you pull it further down to a flicker of headlight or the sob of a faucet can't send it rushing back to the surface, with all the weight of defeat?

What is the opposite side of 3:30 in the morning?

How many sheep have broken through the fence and tumbled straight into sightlessness?

What color does the sky have when a strand of sunlight is snatched into its unraveling fabric and all the stars are dipping?

What right do you have sleeping so peacefully like that beside me when I have flipped my pillow ten thousand times?

by Carlomar Arcangel Daoana


Panaderos said...

I'm having quite a dense moment right now for I'm having trouble figuring out what the opposite side of 3:30 in the morning is. Hehehe :D

Anyway, I hope that you eventually conquered that insomnia and had a restful, albeit short, sleep. Take care. :)

Unknown said...

If you turn the clock upside-down, the opposite of 3:30 is 9:00.:D see? That's what you'd discover when you're watching the clock at 3:30 am. Haha

Sleep eventually, my eye bags are down to my elbows.:D Thanks, Panaderos.

Panaderos said...

Yikes! Hahahaha No wonder. I was thinking in terms of a digital clock and not the traditional one with the hands! Nakakahiya ako. :D

Unknown said...

Hahahaha That's least, you're not attempting to turn the grandfather's clock upside-down.:D

chrome3d said...

Why others sleep when I can´t? One of the great mysteries of life, that´s for sure.

escape said...

hahaha... this makes sense. it leads me to think back.

really good shot!