Tuesday, June 17, 2008

One fine day

One Fine Day by Natalie Merchant

There are days when I feel my solitude expands and the surrounding noise passes through me without disturbing my equilibrium. It feels like standing on top of the highest mountain, the inconceivable vastness of the world embraces me. I am filled with hope, even when I don’t understand the depths and surprises of fate. All I know is that there are always new dreams, new friendships, new loves, and beauty still undiscovered by these eyes.

These are the days that I hold dear. Everything is clear, and I am unafraid. Like a deep-rooted and drought-tolerant tree, I stand confidently under monsoon rains and hot suns.

We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.

~Oscar Wilde

I am continuously humbled by an unexpected joy, by a resilient spirit, by a child’s simplicity, by an unwavering faith, by the changing of the seasons, by an unconditional love, by an ever-renewing gratitude, by an unsolicited tenderness, by life’s possibilities.

Like bees gathering honey, I collect the sweetness out of people---the simplest gesture of kindness, a kind word, a smile from a stranger, a sympathetic ear, a warm hug, a sincere compliment, a small act of caring, open arms, and an open heart. They sustain me when it's raining in my soul.

In life, there are disappointments, failure, tears, loneliness, betrayal. But there’s also happiness, friendship, successes, laughter, love. I relish the days when I can appreciate the joy of breathing, or walking on a bright morning. I delight with whatever remains in me.


Oman said...

In life, there are disappointments, failure, tears, loneliness, betrayal. But there’s also happiness, friendship, successes, laughter, love.

it does make life interesting and worth living isn't it?

Unknown said...

definitely! they make life's journey a real adventure.:)

thanks, lawstude.

nutart said...

I know this song! But the songstress, no...! It's really soothing!

Yep, sometimes I can tell if a person is not into Life. Their eyes are glued to texting their textmates :-D!

I am moved by your post here, Luna!

Unknown said...

Natalie Merchant was a member of an 80's alternative rock band, 10,000 Maniacs. I was pleasantly surprised with her version of the song. The original "One Fine Day" is a 60's song, with a faster beat. Merchant's version was a theme from a 90's movie of the same title.

Don't mind the text-addicts...they'd wake up after they run into a post or be run over by a bus.:D

It's probably the full moon, Bernadette.:D Thanks for visiting.

Panaderos said...

I loved the original version of this song but I also like the way Natalie interpreted it.

I've gone through some highs and lows in my life. Some memories bring joy and others bring pain. But I still believe that all such experiences have conspired to make me a wiser and more appreciative person.

Btw, sorry for the rather late reply. I was out of town all week and just got home this morning.

Unknown said...

Welcome back, Panaderos. Yeah, let's thank God for hindsight.:D
I guess it's all part of the big plan...to make us evolve as human beings, and we would not remain shallow.

Thanks for sharing, Panaderos.