Thursday, June 16, 2011


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Mga natumbang puno ng niyog sa dalampasigan ng Punta Bulata.

Join us at Litratong Pinoy

Fallen coconut trees along the shores of Punta Bulata.

@ mirandablue

For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1.  What are the green initiatives you do at home?
We recycle--water from the washing machine and plastics, reuse glass bottles, aluminum foil, plastic cutlery;  consolidate daily errands to avoid unnecessary driving, switched to paperless bills, save electricity by air-drying clothes, limited use of AC, turn off unneeded lights; we are also trying to reduce food waste.
2.  What are some of the most damaging things we do to the environment?
Irresponsible disposal of garbage, illegal logging, wasting water and energy, over-fishing, dumping of motor oil, paints, pesticides and other toxic chemicals down the drain, air pollution, indifference.


Joanne Olivieri said...

1. I do use many green products at home and recycle as much as I can.

2. One of the worst things I see in polluting the environment is trash being thrown in our waterways and down sewers. I see it all the time and it really makes me sick. We need to be more conscious about the world in which we live.

Unknown said...

1. What are the green initiatives you do at home?: Leeser use of plastic and use of recycle material as much as possible

2. What are some of the most damaging things we do to the environment?

Deforestation and trash that is being thrown in our waterways and down sewers.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your photos are beautiful, I really like the last one.

We recycle as much as possible including our yard debris. We avoid buying products with excess plastic packaging when we can. We also save gas by consolidating errands.

I think you summed it all up with your last word .... indifference.

Self Sagacity said...

1) We use the water filter from the faucets instead of the water bottles. Recycle everything we can. Plant trees and gardening. Volunteer to clean creeks in our state, and etc. BTW- my SO has a career in Environmental so needless to say we are so very environmentally absorbed.
2) So bad is the waste of material things. Throwing away old things to buy new things even though they are working fine. There are somethings I can see being necessary, but I think we do it too much in the US.

Icy BC said...

1) Cut down on electricity usage by unplug the outlets that not often in use.

2) Trash..trash everywhere, is the most terrible thing for our environment, especially plastic.

LivingSoAbundantly said...

1. We take our things to the recycling center, since we don't have pickup. We also buy some things used. I have been trying to take 5 minutes showers.

2. I think it's actually the small things we do daily that are most damaging, because they add up in a big way. Such as throwing away a piece of paper, when I could put it in my recycling stash, you know? Small steps really do make a big difference.

Photo Cache said...

ang sarap maupo dun sa natumbang puno at nakalaylay ang paa sa dagat. tama ba ang aking tagalog?

DoanLegacy said...

I tried to clean my house with homemade things that we already have such as bleach and vinegar solutions, and catching rain water for the garden.

The most damaging to the earth are plastic of all kind that people just toss out without thinking..

Unknown said...

I love to recycle and my family thinks I do it too much. Old Kleenex boxes store plastic bags which can be used when shopping at food warehouses. I also gift the boxes to thrift stores along with used newspapers. Plastic containers become planters, bird feeders, spray bottles, or are recycled. Leftovers are prepared anew in new dishes. Rinds are grated and used as seasoning or used for potpourri or plant food. Egg shells and coffee grounds are fed to plants. I love reusing.