Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brake/Preno [LP]

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Ang ilaw ng preno ay ang pinaka mahalagang mga nakasinding-babala sa iyong sasakyan. Ito ay babala sa iba pang mga driver ng iyong layunin sa pagbagal o paghinto.  Ang sirang ilaw ng preno ay mapanganib at maaaring maging sanhi ng aksidente.

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The brake lights are the most important lighted warning system on your vehicle. It warns other drivers of  your intention to slow down or stop.  Defective or malfunctioning brake lights are dangerous and could cause accidents.  

@ mirandablue
For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1.  How often do you check your vehicle's lighting system?
  • I have to admit that I don't check my lighting system regularly.  But once I notice a malfunction, I'm having it fixed it right away.
2.  What are the road irritants that annoy you?
  • I have a long list of annoying road irritants---last-minute braking tops my list.  This is the most common habit of jeepney drivers.  Tailgaiting makes me nervous, lane-hogging and failing to use signal lights are definitely annoying.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

I do not check mine very often but it is a part of our annual testing here. I don't like drivers that cut people off so they can be first in line.

Dinah said...

Sadyang kailangan natin ang ilaw ng preno na yan para sa isang maayos na paglalakbay. at ang aking husband ang in-charge dyan.


Iris said...

i can think of a hundred things that irritate me on the road, kaya mabuti pa ngang wag nalang mag-drive! hehe.

and admittedly, i don't check my break lights. hehe.

Joanne Olivieri said...

Well I'd love to answer these but I don't have a car. Living here in the city I either walk, take public transportation or hop in a taxi.

SquirrelQueen said...

My husband is a mechanic and we do a walk around check about every six months.

Tailgating and not using turn signals are my top two pet peeves.

upto6only said...

naku that is true dapat lahat chinicheck para iwas accidente lalu na ang ilaw.

Self Sagacity said...

I can write a book on the road irritants. Very nice subject today Luna.
1) I don't check anything in my car. I am glad you found another thing for me to put down on the list of things I don't do. :-) It is funny too that neither does any of my mates, now or previous. We depend on the mechanics.
2) People who cut me off, changing lanes without looking, or try to be smart and get in the lane from behind me then sped up and tail gated before I had the chance to get in the lane myself. The second happens at the same spot and all the time...there is something going on with that spot that people tend to love to show-off.

Colette S said...

I don't check them as often as I should but I think dh does check without me knowing :)

2. Irritant #1 is coming out into the road and slowing down when I'm going 60mph. Surely I if I had a tanker I'd move you up to speed in not a nice way.

Aloha :)