Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Red Topiaries [Ruby Tuesday]

I hope you're not taking down your Christmas decor yet. In the Philippines, we usually remove the Christmas decor on the night of January 5th (Three Kings or Epiphany), or the Twelfth Night. In some cultures, it is believed to be bad luck to take down Christmas decor before the Twelfth Night.

Because my family has no Christmas traditions, I just enjoy myself getting creative with Christmas decor. When you're too lazy to put up a tree, or your apartment is too small to accommodate a real Christmas tree, then these pearly capiz cone-shaped topiaries would make a festive table accent.

Posted for Ruby Tuesday

" Always leave something to wish for; otherwise, you will be miserable from your very happiness."

~ Baltasar Gracian


MJ said...

What a lovely color red is my fave colors...
no were not...20 days after christmas our christmas tree is going out....

Happy new year in advance!

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Lovely naman nyan sissy. Pati blog background mo eh red din. :)

Just curious why your family has no Christmas tradition, you mean hindi sila nagsi-celebrate like ng family ko? Maybe it has something to do with the religion.

Happy New Year sissy. Abundant blessing for the coming year.

Btw, breaktime ko at hindi makatiis hindi makasilip sa mga kablogs hahaha.

Photo Cache said...

What pretty little holiday decors.

Traditionally, we put down our decors the day after Three Kings. This year though, I think I'll take them down at the end of the Christmas Season which is until Jan 10.

Have a fun NY celebration.

escape said...

those decors are good enough in exchange of a christmas tree. if ill have my own condo unit, i wont have a christmas tree either. no time really to set it up.

enjoy the holiday season!

storyteller said...

Wonderful RUBY decorations! I'd enjoy leaving them up too ;-)
Hugs and blessings,
My Ruby Tuesday

Unknown said...

hi Misalyn. yes, it has everything to do with religion.:p

therapy ko rin blogging and blog-hopping. enjoy!

Regina said...

Wonderful photos!
Happy New Year!
Cheers and regards!


Felisol said...

Your Christmas decorations in red and white are very artistic.
Modern and traditional.
I like them.
I also find it fascinating that customs are rather similar all around the globe.
The thirteenth Day , January the 6th is celebrated in Norway as well, followed by the final 20th Day.
From Felisol.

witsandnuts said...

I still have my Christmas tree and manger. I'll box them in after first week of January. Happy holidays!

Jama said...

It's a lovely decorations!

Leora said...

The cones are pretty and perfect for Ruby Tuesday. Enjoy.

Diane AZ said...

Those cone shaped trees and dotted reindeer are so cute! Perfect for Ruby Tuesday :)

EJ said...

Lovely! My Ruby Tuesday calls for a new goal next year, to SAVE! Wishing you a bountiful new year!

Kim, USA said...

Love those red topiaries...it does look very festive too. I didn't ask my niece if they put up a Christmas tree (in pinas) because with 3 running kids around geez can't make a good Christmas tree won't last till January 6 hehe! Happy New Year!

Salsa and Tomato sauce

Momgen said...

You have a nice Christmas decor. Namiss ko talaga Christmas sa Pinas....Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Mine is here

Ralph said...

These ornaments are beautiful, the artistic look of the season. We will keep our tree up until just before the kids go back to school. The bright lights and rubies don't ever get old! Happy New Year!

EG CameraGirl said...

Lovely reds here!

My decorations are still up. ;-)

Martha said...

I love them all, especially the polka dotted reindeer. The combination of red and white with polka dots is a favorite pattern of mine!

Our decorations are still up, probably will come down on New Years Day, but we have been known to leave them up until the 12th night!

concretenprimroses said...

I love the cone trees. Beautiful pic.
I once left my tree up until Valentine's Day (February 14)!