Friday, December 25, 2009

Eat well, be well!

With so many vegetables and fruits to choose from, how about something healthy for Christmas lunch? Check out this green salad with ripe mango, crab meat and shrimps---they add lots of color and taste to your plate, not to mention the vitamins. I love this crunchy and tasty green salad after the cholesterol-laden food we had at Noche Buena.

Eat well, and be well this Christmas and throughout the New Year!


Photo Cache said...

a very wise and delicious choice.

have a great christmas day.

escape said...

Merry Merry Christmas Luna!

JTG (Misalyn) said...

Yummy! and healthy food.

kakagutom naman, tama bang pagkain ang maisip ko ngayon sa gitna ng biyahe? waaaaa.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you good health, peace, and blessings. Take care.

Inday said...

That is one goodie healthy one too, except with the two ingredients that I can't have. Will keep that in mind as next weekend, we are going to have a barbecue and that will make good compliment to a charred meat. Wink!

Thank you very much Miranda for your kind support that helps my blogging meaningful and colourful.

All the best for the coming season.


Maria Berg said...

Yes I do need think aboy what we eat.

Once again, it's Christmas -
that delightful time of year
When hearts are filled with gratitude
and homes are bright with cheer.

When everyone's remembering
good friends and loved ones too -
So naturally, the warmest thoughts
and wishes go to you.

May your home be filled
with happiness,
your hearts with love,
your days with joy -
at Christmas and always.

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful holiday,

With love,
Maria Berg, Sweden

escape said...

wow! it's the happiest season. daming kainan at pasyalan.

Unknown said...

Very nutritious and delicious vegies sis. Happy FTF My Entry

EG CameraGirl said...

How colourful and delicious looking!

Clarissa said...

I love the veggies colors and it's very healthy,too!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your family,LM!!^_^

HalfCrazy said...

Wow, looks yummy. The different colors makes it enjoyable to dig in! I wish I could share your fascination with this meal but I'm someone who doesn't eat a lot of vegetables lol!

I don't mind Shakey's Caesar Salad, though..

Nakakagutom tong blog mo! Haha!

Much Love,

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

wow! I salute you for having such a strong will to choose a healthful food over the not-to-healthful one especially in times like this when temptations of gluttony is all around us. lol!

witsandnuts said...

I have been eating so unhealthily the past days. I pray that I'd be disciplined enough after the new year.

maiylah said...

looks yummy! that is definitely healthy compared to the ones we've been eating lately. :)

thanks for playing, LM
Happy Holidays!