Friday, July 11, 2008

A Friday Tag

I promised Panaderos that I'd do his nice little tag. Here goes the tag questions and my answers:

  • Have you ever gone on a blind date? Yes, with my cousin’s classmate in law school. He was nice but in trying too hard to impress me, he was quite rude to the waiter which turned me off.

  • Skipped school? In high school, I skipped a few classes of an elective that bored me to death to play “dama” (Spanish checkers) with the boys at the bleachers.

  • Been on a plane? Yes…I have a few weird and funny plane stories to tell.

  • Been lost? Oh yes…story of my life! I absolutely have no sense of direction. I once drove for more than an hour thinking I was going to the direction of Ortigas or Edsa. It was past one in the morning and after making a few wrong turns, I asked a group of men drinking along the street but it was like talking to a bunch of 5-year olds. I finally stopped at a gas station and asked where I was. Turned out I was driving towards the opposite direction---I was almost in Espana! I also got lost in Paris because I couldn't read the map, and the French refused to speak English; and in Los Angeles going to Irvine.

  • Swam in the ocean? Yes, yes, yes! I’m not a very good swimmer but I love to be in the water.

  • Cried yourself to sleep? Oh yes! Countless times…I wake up with swollen eyes but with a lighter heart and happier disposition.

  • Played cops and robbers? Not really…

  • Played dolls? Yes…but not the usual injection-molded plastic dolls. I invented my own dolls when I was a kid…made from paper cutout and some plant I found in my grandmother’s garden. Don’t ask me to describe it…hahaha!

  • Recently colored with crayons? No.

  • Sang Karaoke? Of course! It’s a great stress-reliever and way to show off the diva in me (awwww)!

  • Paid for a meal with coins only? Yes, a long time ago, when a complete meal in the school cafeteria was less than ten pesos, the jeepney fare was 50 centavos, and rice was 2 pesos a kilo.

  • Done something you said you wouldn't? Unfortunately, yes. No regrets, though.

  • Cheated on a test? Never…too scared to get caught.

  • Made prank phone calls? Hmmnnn…Yes, a few times in high school. My friends and I used to make prank calls to a funeral home, and a radio station.

  • Caught a snowflake on your tongue? No…I forgot to open my mouth!

  • Danced in the rain? Oh yes! My cousins, my sister and I danced in the rain and splashed water from potholes to each other. We used the broomstick as a guitar and danced to Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark”.

  • Written a letter to Santa Claus? No, I was never introduced to Santa Claus.

  • Watched the sun rise with someone you care about? made up for the lack of sleep (hehe).

  • Been kissed under the mistletoe? No.

  • Gone ice skating? No.

  • Been skinny dipping outdoors? Yes (blushing). I spent a weekend with cousins and friends in a beach resort in Guimaras many summers ago. The beach was in a secluded cove, and we had the place to ourselves. We went skinny dipping under the full moon…the water was so calm and warm, it felt like oil to the skin. It was a wonderful experience. This was way before the Guimaras oil disaster.:-D

  • Favorite drink I'm allowed on a regular basis - Coffee

  • Tattoos? Yes…just a tiny one.

  • Body piercing? ...on both ears.

  • Vacation spot? Too many beautiful places, too little time---my favorite spot is in Palawan.

  • Eaten cookies for dinner? Yes…cookies and ice cream were my favorite dinner in college…either I was too lazy to cook, or my allowance was dwindling.

  • Ever been on TV? No…except on videos taken during weddings and parties.

  • Ever been in a car accident? No, thank God!

  • Favorite number and why? In numerology, I’m a life path it's my favorite number.

  • Favorite movie? There are too many to mention---on top my head, I love Juno, The Thin Red Line, The Mirror Has Two Faces, The Prince of Tides, The Godfather Trilogy, The Deer Hunter, The Silence of the Lambs, Cape Fear, Forrest Gump, There Will Be Blood, Of Mice and Men, The Last Samurai, Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang, Insiang, Maynila: Sa Kuko ng Liwanag, Amelie, and many more…

  • Favorite holiday? The best holiday is time spent with my dog and people I care about…exchange ideas with them, reminisce, share laughter, or just lounge around enjoying time away from work.

  • Favorite smells? I love the fresh and clean scents of lavender, vanilla, sandalwood and rosemary, and the sensual scent of jasmine; smells of freshly cut grass remind me of summer mornings and burning dried leaves evoke childhood memories in Miranda

  • What do you do to relax? Put my feet up, listen to music, and read a good book, play with my dog or have a body massage.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Possibly with more dogs, and enjoying a simple, uncomplicated yet exciting life.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you'd like to play, just go ahead and enjoy!


 gmirage said...

This reminds me I still have a tag from you lol...Its always fun reading and at the same time getting to know cyberfriends with tags. I again read about freshly cut grass...and Santa, don't worry you weren't brought up in a lie so thats good. And Karaoke, yeah! Can't help but notice what the ice cream cart says lol.

Panaderos said...

Rice at 2 pesos a kilo/Paid for a meal with coins - I think we occupy the same cosmic space and time. Naks! Hahaha :D

Sa Guimaras pala, ha!?! Hehehe (Evil laugh.)

Danced in the rain to Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark" - Naku po, mukhang alam ko ang dance steps nito. :D

Great movie choices! What was and who starred in "Amelie"?

Thanks for doing the tag! Much appreciated. Have a great weekend. :)

Panaderos said...

Follow-up comment: I can't help but notice that right under the photo you posted was my name. I'm trying to analyze the symbolism. :D

Unknown said...

This is fun to do once in a while...without revealing too much of my deep, dark secrets.:D Oo nga, may utang ka sa akin! That's ok though...when you have time lang naman. I thought you'd never notice (hehe). Wala lang...just to make you smile before reading the tag.:D

Unknown said...

Yes, Mr. Guimaras, you can do the 'evil' thing! hahaha (laughs ala Kris Aquino)

When I'm in the supermarket, I wish there's a time machine to bring me back in time when rice was 2 pesos/kilo. And to a time when I can dance to Bruce Springsteen like there's no tomorrow.:D

"Amelie" is a 2001 French film with Audrey Tautou as Amelie---the same French actress who acted opposite Tom Hanks in "The Da Vinci Code". It's a great it when you have time, di ka magsisisi.:D This film won 51 awards all over the world.

Thanks, too!

Unknown said...

To your follow-up comment: there's nothing to subliminal message whatsoever!:D As I've written in reply to Gizelle's comment, the photo is just to make you smile even before reading the tag.:)

Anonymous said...

So you are a "damas" player?

Unknown said...

Hello, quinttarantino! Yes, I still know how to play "dama" as we call it here. I was quite good at it in high school.:D