Thursday, January 24, 2013

Inutok @ Boosog

From my recent visit in Cebu, C took me to Boosog, a homegrown restaurant serving Filipino home-cooked dishes.  It's located at The Gallery in Mabolo.  We had a long day and wanted something easy and familiar.  We had a bowl of clam soup for starters---I always enjoy clam soup in Cebu because the clams are fresh and sweet.
C ordered Adobong Pusit and I got curious at their Bicol Express.  The waiter told us they're using string beans.   That's new to me but I wanted a vegetable dish. The Bicol Express has ground pork, diced string beans, coconut milk and chili peppers.  It was sinus-cleansing hot, and I liked it!

I've been going to Cebu for over a decade but I have never tried "mais rice".  In case you're confused, "mais rice" is made from white corn---it is more popular in Cebu and some parts of Mindanao. 

It's called "bigas na mais" as opposed to "bigas na palay" which we are more used to.  White corn is milled and served as rice.  Corn grits are finer than the regular rice grain, and it is heavier in the tummy.  It was served wrapped in banana leaf--love the aroma of banana leaf! I guess it's good for calorie-watchers---I've only eaten half a cup and felt full.

This last dish is interesting.  When I read "Inutok" in the menu, I thought it was the same as the sweet delicacy from Taguig--then wondered why it's in the seafood menu.   By the way, the delicious kakanin from Taguig is called "Inutak".

The waiter explained that "Inutok" is crab meat cooked in coconut milk, and it was  wrapped in banana leaf and served in a coconut shell.  This is a good idea, no crab shells to crack, no mess.

When I tried "Inutok", I tasted crab meat, creamy coconut milk and surprise, surprise---young coconut (buko)!  It's quite delicious!   I wondered why I haven't eaten this dish before...probably because I enjoy cracking crab shells and eat aligue with my fingers!  Now I'd like to cook some "Inutok" at home!

Sorry for the poor quality of these photos--Boosog has mood lighting and as usual, I forgot to set my camera correctly.:(



Kim, USA said...

I have not tried the last dish too. I like to try that one looks really good. ^_^


maiylah said...

i found out about mais rice from a childhood friend..we were invited to eat lunch with her family one time and i noticed that the helpers served her rice from a different container..she explained that she prefers eating mais rice compared to the usual rice at home. lol.

have been to Cebu, but all i know are the usual stopovers (SM and Ayala)! :D

appreciate much your sharing and linking over at Food Friday, LM
ps. your post just made me homesick -> in a good way. :)

Hazel said...

I've never tasted Bicol Express. Glad that's what you featured and I'm taking note. Sometimes my mother would serve that 'bigas na mais' and I hated it. Ironically enough, I love its dukot. Amen :)

annies home said...

love learning new things thanks so much for sharing come see what I shared at

Jessica Cassidy said...

All the foods looks delish Sis but love the 2nd pix :-) I miss going to Cebu :-( I wish we should visit the city when were in the Philippines last year with my daughter :-)

last weeks Food Friday :-)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Back this time from last weeks Food Trip Friday Sis :-) Those foods looks very delish and now my tummy is really is growling :-)