Friday, April 3, 2009

Food Friday: eat without guilt

fish fillet with black beans and tofu

I am not the type who brings a lunch box to work (too lazy!). I prefer to walk nearby and eat somewhere during my lunch break. It's something I look forward to...a change of scenery, new faces to see and a time to stretch my legs. One of my favorite lunch meals at a Chinese restaurant on the 4th Floor is Fish Fillet with Black Beans and Tofu.

Most nights, I'm either too hungry after work or still have too much energy left. And it's a constant struggle whether to indulge on a slab of spare ribs, or a Big Classic Double with Cheese at Wendy's, a huge plate of creamy pasta, pizza at Yellow Cab, or have a light dinner and go home, guilt-free. Here's one of my "light" favorite at a Vietnamese bistro---Chili Shrimps with rice and vinaigrette salad. Don't congratulate me yet. At least once a week, I give in to the craving and indulge myself.:(

chili shrimps with rice and salad

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escape said...

we almost have the same meal. i also had tofu with spices meal.

Sidney said...

I congratulate you on your Big Classic Double Hamburger at Wendy's ! ;-)
Unhealthy but oh so good ! ;-)

 gmirage said...

Its ok, if I can I'd go with you and indulge! lol. Makes me wonder how long do you have for lunchbreak ;)