Saturday, May 31, 2008

Camotes: Rugged serenity

Rock islets and massive cliffs make up Camotes stunning beachscape. One rugged beauty is Buho Garden (buho means hole in Cebuano). Cottages are strategically built on rock islets so I sat there soothed by the gentle waves beneath and experience the beauty of nature---the endless blue horizon before me. Its rock islets are connected by foot bridges, the limestone wall is a challenge for the adventurous that can rappel about 100 feet down the cliff to the beach of Buho.

Navigating more than 50 steps from the top of the cliff to reach the rock islets was not easy for somebody like me who is fond of escalators. And going up those steps was an arduous task, I ran out of air!

The tip of the islet makes an excellent setting for stunning silhouettes against hues of orange and purple at sunset.

Another picturesque beach resort is Mangodlong. I was hoping to catch a spectacular sunset there but we arrived a bit late. It was a cloudy afternoon and the sunset was not as fiery, but it was beautiful nonetheless. The seaside serenity of Mangodlong is truly enchanting.

Perhaps Camotes’ most endearing value is its rustic provincial life. There are no enterprising vendors at the beach, or persistent boatmen forcing their services on you. The idyllic life in the farmlands and villages remains intact, and the simplicity of the countryside continues to charm.


Migs Bassig said...

I am speechless. This has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thank you for sharing the photos.

Really. This Camotes paradise has unhinged my jaw.

Unknown said...

You should visit this island soon, Migs, before the whole world discovers it. A congressman from Cebu is pushing for eco-tourism, and once this paradise is marketed, it may turn into another Boracay.

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Ang ganda pala ng Camotes Island and its Danao Lake! I hope I get a chance to visit the place before tourism ruins it LOL.

I visited Lake Sebu in the early '60 when I was still working for the government. I was literally stunned by its serene beauty and the abundance of wildlife and its "remoteness." I am afraid this is no longer true - the beauty is still there I am sure, the wildlife is probably gone and its remoteness is history. It is sadly described as progress.

Unknown said...

Sana nga makapasyal ka sa Camotes Island, bertn, before it's developed into a tourist destination.

Lake Sebu is one of the places I'd like to visit. I believe the area has been declared by the gov't as a protected landscape. And yes, it's not as remote as it used to. According to my aunt who works for a gov't agency, the lake is now accessible and roads are concrete.

Thanks for droppin' by.:)

Panaderos said...

I hope you won't mind but what should be one's budget to come and enjoy these islands? I'd love to see and enjoy this place.

Thanks for sharing all the photos you took of the islands. There are truly a lot of beautiful places in our islands. Galing! :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Panaderos! Going to Camotes is a bit expensive if you're from Manila because you'll be paying for airfare (Manila-Cebu-Manila). Fast crafts, ferries and outrigger boats have trips to Camotes from Cebu daily. Ocean Jet, a fast-craft is P320/person, one-way, a 2-hour trip. Ferries and outrigger boats are much cheaper but the trip takes 4 hours.

The accomodation is reasonably priced. In Santiago Bay where I stayed, they have non-airconditioned rooms at P500/night for 2 persons. The airconditioned rooms are from P1000/night (for 2), P1500 for 3. They also have villas for groups---from P3000 to P6000 yata.

You can also check out this website:

The inland transporation is a bit expensive though because they don't have jeeps or tricycles for commuters. The motorbike ride from the pier to Santiago Bay costs P150 (one-way). I paid P450 for a half-day habal-habal ride. Car-rental is available but I'm sure it's too expensive. The resort is charging P2000 for a van to pick up guests from the pier.:(

I'm sure there are still lots of islands and places here waiting to be "discovered". The Caraga Region in Mindanao is also beautiful. I'm still saving for the trip. :D

I hope you'd get a chance to visit Camotes Islands soon.:)

Unknown said...

I forgot to mention the food. Both reosrts, Santiago Bay and Mangodlong have restaurants. Prices are affordable.:D

Oman said...

I have heard so much about the place. Your amazing photos greatly captured the place. I really hope I could go there this year.

Unknown said...

This place is a must-see when you're in the Visayas, lawstude. I'm glad you like the snapshots. Thanks for visiting.:)

Anonymous said...

WOW, ang ganda nga!!! Yan, na-open ko na. Ganda ganda nung lugar, very serene, ang linis ng tubig. Parang walang pollution sa Pilipinas :)

Thanks for sharing.

Linaw nung camera mo :)


escape said...

wow! this will be my next destination when i get the chance to be in cebu! beautiful.

Unknown said...

I'm sure you'll have a great time when you visit Camotes, the dong. Thanks for visiting.:)

Unknown said...

it's nothing fancy, Ike..just a Sony point and shoot digital camera. o, di ba sabi ko sa 'yo?! pwede pa mag skinny dip kasi walang tao! hahahaha

 gmirage said...

What great photos of a lovely place!

Luna, please consider joining Sky watch friday too! this are awesome shots to share about! TC!

Unknown said...

thank you, gizelle. hmmmnn..i have to check what is sky watch friday.:D glad you like the photos.