Saturday, January 12, 2008


I love this song, The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice.

The song and the rain make me a bit nostalgic. Unearthed from my baol an old poem I wrote a long time ago.


when i hear the music,
the feel the new me
in an old time
and i crave the space
not ravaged by words
not rushed by time
send on scurrying feet
the pretty worries
that haunt the dark
dingy crevices
of my soul
to be like the sea
of no purpose
with no directions
needing no plans
goal maps
but to be here by the sea
with only the lamps
shyly holding hands
with the darkness
keeping silence
and letting the music
of an old time
sweet talk
the secret
laughing Janus
of my soul.


 gmirage said...

3 things: I wonder how long has this poem been in the baol before finally seeing the light of publication (or could have been published before)? =D Its good to remember. :I like songs like comes later on after a prologue. Lastly, My bestfriend's name is Janus, I tease him: two faced god. lol!

Unknown said...

Hmmm a couple of years, Gzel. I'm a bit shy about sharing my poetry.:) Janus--the god of beginnings and endings. Thanks for visiting again.

 gmirage said...

yeah, the god who sees past and future, to whom the New Year is being celebrated for.
It isnt fair not to publish very good stuff!
Btw, that movie 'Closer' is a film that made hubby and I laugh until the end. =D

Unknown said...

Some poems I've written were published in the past...but I seldom submit poetry nowadays. :) I barely remember "Closer" except for Clive Owen...and that it didn't make me laugh, if I remember correctly.:D