Friday, January 4, 2008

Mga Kwentong Bata

A friend from Davao, Geejay Arriola, asked me to preview the songs in their new cd, Mga Kwentong Bata. This new cd is an impressive collection of 12 original tracks reminiscent of lullabies of old, and songs of empowerment and wonder of children. Click here to listen to the songs.

Geejay is a member of an organization called Mebuyan Peace Project. This organization is a group of 18 women arts and development workers based in Mindanao. These women have worked individually or as members of other organizations in various peacemaking and theatremaking projects for at least 10 years. They are also members of Kaliwat Theatre Collective (Davao), Kulturang Atin Foundation (Davao), Sining Kambayoka Ensemble (Marawi), EDCADS (Butuan), Sining Kabpapagariya (Gen. Santos), Kathara Dance Theatre Collective (Davao), Kariala Etniko (Iligan), and Seventh Heaven (Davao).

On May 18 2001, the women of these music and theater groups gathered and gave birth to Mebuyan Peace Project—a theatre and musical storytelling group. The idea is to produce artistic performances that will respond to women's and children's concerns in relation to the issues of personal, domestic, community, regional, and global peace.

Mebuyan also aims to help develop artists and peacebuilders through trainings and workshops in—creative writing—child rights—children's theatre— improvisational theatre— cultural action—dance and movement—environmental awareness—gender in development—global education—music and voice—music writing—organizational development—peacemaking—storytelling—theatre (acting, directing, playwriting, production design, lights design)—theatre in education—visual arts.

The group also hopes to encourage and popularize women's arts and theatre through storytelling, music, and theater performances, and to popularize women's and children's issues through workshops and performances.

"Our mat is a world"
where arts is the norm rather than a specialty.
where there are no sounds of war and greed, only sounds of music and laughter.
where men and women are given equal opportunities.
where every woman and child knows no hate nor fear.
where every home is the safest and most peaceful place on earth.
where arguments end in songs, not in fistfights.
where cultural diversity is celebrated, not wiped out.

Geejay will let me know as soon as the group has selected their outlets in Manila. To know more about Mebuyan Peace Project, check out their website at .


Anonymous said...

hello miss luna,

thank you for leaving a comment in my blog. i went here to your blog and saw your posting about these children's songs you got from your friend Geejay.

The songs are simply beautiful!!!

thank you. thank you for leading me to these wonderful women of the south.

i am a painter here in manila and am part of a foundation called CANVAS. we are actively promoting contemporary philippine art and culture through the discovery of young talents via the exhibits we produce, the books we publish and the contests we have. there's a myriad of untapped talents in our country simply waiting an opportunity to be seen, heard and read.

i would like to inform you that i am sending them a link to our site and our competitions to open it up to a much wider audience.

thank you ms. luna for the comment and for this link to this wonderful women of the south. :-)

Unknown said...

Great! Our artists need all the exposure they can get. Yes, we have countless untapped talents here, and foundations such as CANVAS is a good avenue for young artists to be recognized. Thank you for getting in touch with the Mebuyan Peace Project---and thanks for visiting.

pusa said...

hi, thanks for sharing those wonderful songs and for leaving a meow in my blog. =)

pusa said...

hmmm i wonder why my comments are not coming thru.

goodluck this time (sana pumasok) - thanks for sharing this wonderful songs, will do a post about this as well, hope that's ok.. also thanks for leaving a meow in my blog =)

Unknown said...

Thank you too, pusa. Yes, please blog the Mebuyan Peace Project...they need our support.