Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Pregnant with possibilities

I like the phrase and the sound of it. Pregnant with possibilities is what I’d like to be in the Year of the Rat. In my mind, there’s a picture of a psychedelic butete burping letters from its mouth --- P O S S I B I L I T I E S. Each letter bubbles on the surface of the water and turns into gorgeous men parading on the beach. I am the only person on the beach---judge and jury of this parade. It's Raining Men is playing in my iPod. :D

Kidding aside, I approach the New Year armed with lessons learned this past year and inspired by possibilities. There have been a great many things that happened to me in 2007, but I had blunders as well as things that I tried but fell short. In 2008 onwards, I’d like to focus on life's possibilities and develop a kind of optimistic hunger to try something new.

This year, I would like to be fearless in many areas of my life, make mistakes, take chances again…been a cautious observer for so long. At the back of my mind, there’s the fear of failure, disappointment, pain---but if I’ve learned something all these years, it’s ‘what won’t kill you makes you stronger.’

Life in a rat race is getting dull and exasperating, not to mention brain-numbing. I’d like to take it slow this time, take nothing for granted---‘suck the marrow from the bones of life’.

“To be a better person” has been my personal slogan for so long. I’d like to stop getting better, and start appreciating what I am. I’d like to give in to a little temptation once in a while, stop trying to make everything rational. I’d like to doubt again in order to test my convictions.

Yes, I’d like to live deliberately from now on…it’s about time!

The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win, you're still a rat. ~Lily Tomlin


 gmirage said...

At first glance, I wondered: why a ratatouille pic? Lol. Here's Remy on a serious note: (plug!)

But who will measure your being a better person? I have been trying to be a better me since I was 22but I never really understood what being better is until 3 years ago. Hope you soon understand yours...I'll root for you na lang! Take care ha! ;-)

SeƱor Enrique said...

Go for it, Luna, and just follow your bliss!

Wishing you all the best for 2008!

Unknown said...

Salamat, Eric.

Unknown said...

Good question, g_mirage. I suppose, we all have standards of what a ‘better person’ is all about. The values we learned at home, our own personal values…those ideas and beliefs that we hold dear set the standard.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.:)

bedjane said...

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