Friday, April 19, 2013

Afterglow/Sky-watch Friday

Streaks of purple and orange above the fading light of a fiery summer sunset in Cebu.

by Samuel Menashe

He walked in awe
In awe of light
At nightfall, not at dawn
Whatever he saw
Receding from sight
In the sky's afterglow
Was what he wanted
To see, to know...

by Samuel Menashe

Looking across 
The water we are
Startled by a star---
It is not dark yet
The sun has not set

Looking across
The water we are
Alone as that star
That startled us,
And as far

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Photo Cache said...

poetic day. hope you have a grand weekend.

Steffi said...

Fantastic photos for SWF!Thank you for sharing and have a nice weekend!

Carletta said...

That last shot is beautiful!
I enjoyed the poems as well - nice compliments to your photos.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

How lovely Luna Miranda! Your photos perfectly illustrate the poems.

genie said...

Such a nice transition of the sun's glow thru the series, and the poems are so nice. Lovely photography. genie

eileeninmd said...

I love the poem and your beautiful sunset photos. Lovely sky captures!

Unknown said...

Beautiful sunsets, and really liked "Twilight"! Happy SWF:)

Dianne said...

You've captured the after-glow beautifully. Delightful!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

A beautiful sunset make even nicer by the palm trees.

Indrani said...

Nice poems to go with your beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful shots.

Arija said...

A beautiful afterglow of the main event.

Birgitta said...

Wonderful shots!
I want to be there ;)

thomas said...

lovely palm tree sky

NatureStop said...

Beautiful sunset and so well captured!Have a great weekend!


DeniseinVA said...

A brilliant sky post with lovely poems!

Mridula said...

The second picture is my favorite!

lina@womens perspectives said...

Beautiful moment and poems!

AmitAag said...

Breathtakingly beautiful!