Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tuna Maki

One of my favorites at Rai Rai Ken---Tuna Maki.  A snack while waiting for my mom's dental appointment.


Recipes by Sassy Chef said...

I love maki and those made me crave even more! :) Will buy some later today.

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January Zelene said...

never tried that. :)

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Dude for Food said...

This looks really good, nice touch with the sauce design, cool!

Iska said...

Yummy snack you had :-) And presented so well!

nuts said...

That's perfect for my snack. My daughter came over in my station when she saw the photo here and asked me where we could buy it. We all love tuna!

maiylah said...

been a while since we've been to Rai Rai Ken...haven't tried this, yet. love the plating!

thanks for linking over at Food Friday, LM
so sorry for the late way overdue. ;P