Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lasang Pinoy: Going Green

Salmon Caesar Salad at Oliver's

One of my biggest regret is not learning to love eating vegetables. I was very picky with food when I was a kid that my father overdosed me with vitamins, milk and whatever food I showed interest in. Whenever my mother cooked laswa (a soupy mixture of squash, stringbeans, eggplant, ampalaya, okra, saluyot and malunggay), I would become little miss drama queen, run to lolo's sari-sari store and point at Spam or Libby's corned beef at the shelf. I was probably the reason why the store went bankrupt.

Through the years, I've been trying to eat vegetables but old habits die hard. I still can't swallow vegetables in laswa but I learned to love green salads. One food that research has shown most highly associated with longevity is leafy greens. The added health benefits of green salads are that they are raw. I've read articles about how raw vegetable consumption is our strongest defense against cancer than any other foods.
For going green, try this Pomelo Shrimp Salad with vinaigrette dressing. Simple and easy to prepare---just toss in fresh lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, turnips, onions, radish, pomelo, cooked shrimps, crab meat, a twist of lemon and the dressing. You can also throw in some crushed cashew nuts for additional crunch.

More green ideas at spiCes.


Webradio said...

Hello Miranda !

It seems good to eat !

A part for me ???

See You later !

 gmirage said...

Wow, the pomelo salad is new to me and now I' curious but I'll surely love the salmon ceasar salad, its salmon!!! And totoo veggies are the best kahit raw! Stay healthy and have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those looks yummy. The one with pomelo is interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Eating veggies is an acquired taste for me. Our bodies need them. I'd take that Pomelo Shrimp Salad anytime. Anything w/ shrimp actually. :)

Sidney said...

Well... I am trying to become a vegetarian !
Great looking salads!

Oman said...

i love salads. whenever i go to baguio, expect me to have a basket full of greens.

bago yang pomelo-shrimp salad na yan ah. try ko nga.

escape said...

vegetables! vegetables! i just dont eat ampalaya. the rest i like it but not all meals.

i never tried eating salad with pomelo. must taste good.

earthlingorgeous said...

Hi Luna, thanks for joining my contest :) I found you from the master list registration. I would appreciate if you would go back and inform me of other stuff you did regarding the contest so I can tally all your points better :) Thanks again.

This look delish by the way u have recipe.

Anonymous said...

The pomelo salad looks interesting - might give it a try soon - that is, if I get to find pomelos here... waaahhh!

Unknown said...

wow mouth watering!panalo talaga ang mga foods s photos!

sana matikman q ang mga yan!hehehe^__^

Unknown said...

bat ganun?di yata pumasok ang coment q???

what i was saying is, napakasarap ng mga foods s pics. very mouth watering!hehe

nutart said...

hirap naman kapag nagbabasa dito tungkol sa pagkain!---walang magdeliver dito sa bundok!
and kapag i make my own pomelo salad naman...naubos ko na yung pomelo hindi pa ako nakakabilinung ibang ingredients! Puro complaints, 'no? :-D