Monday, September 28, 2009

Weekend in Subic

These photos are the opposite of the scene outside.  It's still raining and many parts of Metro Manila are still submerged from last Saturday's onslaught of tropical storm "Ondoy" (international codename: Ketsana).

These were taken from the deck of Mirage Hotel in Subic two weekends ago.  It was my second stay in this hotel--it's a small hotel, nothing fancy, they have free wi-fi and rates are affordable.  I like the location because the beach is right at  the doorstep, and it's a short drive to the Subic Bay Freeport.  We had breakfast at the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.  The afternoon was wet and we stayed in and chilled.  Right next door is a 7-Eleven where we got our overdose of coffee, and next to 7-Eleven is a Mexican cantina where we had lunch.  The food was unexciting and pricey.  It was the most boring Mexican food I ever had!

From the hotel's patio, you can see the Subic Bay Port across the bay and the nearby coves.  It was a stress-free weekend with a bit of adventure at the Zoobic Safari, lots of shopping at the duty-free shops and factory outlets, and food overload.  What more could I ask for?


Sidney said...

It is nice you are able to get out of Manila regularly to enjoy the countryside.

I hope you were not affected by the floods!

escape said...

i like this part of subic. definitely better than the boardwalk.

the place looks like a sweet place with those boats from afar.

Ebie said...

Looks like a fun weekend, the sea is calm and the air is fresh. A very big contrast to what has happened now with the devastation of Typhoon Ondoy. We do not even have a telephone connection to the province. I hope you did not have any problem with the flooding of Manila.
Take care!

Hazel said...

You got a nice weekend there. Yay to coffee overdose. I think we're entitled to that once in awhile.

P.S. My earlier comment was probably eaten up by the blogger devil. So this is another try. Thanks for dropping by at mine. The Bangkok flood is nothing compared to the disaster in Manila :( I hope we're all sorted soon.

Unknown said...

hi Sidney! I try to go out of the city every chance I get. i'm thankful that the flood water did not reach my apartment. my neighbors were waist-deep in water on Saturday. it was the first time our street was flooded.

Unknown said...

hi Ebie! i read yesterday from your post that Zee is in Dumaguete. a typhoon to welcome her back!:P i hope she's doing well.

yup, we're on dry land, thank God! with all the devastation around here, i couldn't be grateful enough.

Unknown said...

hi Hazel! i'm with you on your wishes. the victims of Ondoy need all the help they can get.