Monday, April 28, 2008

Musings of a future Belo patient

I ran into a former officemate at the mall last weekend with her older sister. We’re of the same age, she has a 14-year old daughter, and she looks fabulous! Her sister, a few years older, has clear taut skin, no excess fat in her fit and tight body. Their genes make me feel inferior!

Way back, she was the first person I know who brings fresh vegetable salads to work for lunch, and snacked on fresh fruits. She would scold me after my yosi breaks, complained that I smell like an ashtray, and with a well-meaning lecture to kick my dirty habit (I finally did almost 5 years ago). They’re a family of health-nuts---no saturated fat, salt and preservatives, just green, leafy crap that I hated. She and her sister are effortlessly gorgeous women with a radiant healthy glow about them.

My genes descend from a long line of meat-loving, soda-chugging folk, whose idea of exercise is brisk-walking to the street corner for some deep-fried banana-Q, with ice-cold Coke as pantulak.

Somebody told me that I still have some sex-appeal (promise…I didn’t invent that one!:D), but decades from now---when the baggy layers under my chin meet my chest, when my tummy is as big as my boobs, the under side of my arms develop bat-wings that would cover my elbows, and I’m scraping my fat butt from a rocking chair---my old officemate would probably look like a batch-mate of my 30-year old cousin.

Will timeless charm and enviable wit be enough to comfort me by that time? Not likely!

So ladies (and gents na rin), before you light that cigarette, chug on a can of soda, bite into that juicy cheese burger, or chew on that french fries, you should do a mental age morph of yourself. On second thought, go ahead---I'll see you in Vicky Belo's waiting room soon!


Sidney said...

You shouldn't do it only for the good looks but also to live longer!
We get sick because of all the unhealthy food we eat.

Unknown said...

I totally agree, Sidney. But I'm still thinking if I'd want to live longer with the current state of the world.:D I wish healthy food doesn't have to taste bad. And why do bad foods are so appetizing??? Hayyyyy...

Panaderos said...

First visit and first time to comment here. :)

I don't think you have to totally give up on stuff you love to drink or eat. Moderation is still key. I lost quite a bit of weight over the last several months simply by reducing my rice/carb intake. I've also done some walking on weekends. Not long walks mind you but just enough for me to sweat off some of my excess fat. Give it a try and you'll see changes within 2 to 3 weeks.

Great site you have here and thanks for the visit too. Take care. :)

Anonymous said...

I find the view from the "behind" of the Oblation dietarily liberating. As the African-Americans say, "Back is beautiful"

Unknown said...

Hello, Panaderos! Welcome!:D

With the rising prices of rice, we all ought to cut down on rice, and eat camote instead; and walk to save on fuel.:D Hay, ang hirap! I admit I'm not very disciplined when it comes to dieting and exercise...but I agree with you. Been there, done that...its just hard to be consistent.:D

You have an interesting site. I'll visit again for sure. Thanks for dropping by.

Unknown said...

Hahahaha! Indeed, bertn, back is beautiful as opposed to a bulky front.:D

 gmirage said...

Lo, wherever did you get that foto? For some, staying slim even eating fatty foods is easy but it will show later on I guess. You know I have a friend who has a 21-inch waistline! And she eats a kidding!

Anyway, negative calorie foods would help a lot, but you have to make your taste buds get used to the taste of fruits and green stuff! ;-)

Unknown said...

Hi Gizelle! An officemate sent me a bunch of funny photos weeks ago. Don't know where she got them.

I couldn't agree more---even if it won't show in the form of excess weight, too much fatty food will possibly result to heart disease. I also have a colleague who eats a lot of rice---bottomless rice sya lagi. But she's very slim, she's not athletic...don't know where all the calories go! Samantalang ako, naaamoy ko pa lang ang pasta, tumataba na. Hahahaha

I've learned to enjoy green salads. Fruits, no problem. Hindi naman kc masarap ang kare-kare, sinigang, sisig, adobo, callos, steamed fish, etc. pag walang rice! :D