Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fish diet

Almost two weeks to go before Christmas and here I am with a slightly elevated cholesterol level.  BMI is still within the normal range (thanks to my mother's good genes!) but I have been slowly switching to a fish diet.  I had fried tanigue (mackerel) for dinner...tanigue is a tasty fish but truth be told, I wanted to drown it in tartar sauce.  Fortunately, there was pako (fiddlehead fern) salad to appease my taste buds.

My brother cooked maya-maya (red snapper) for lunch the next day, and threw in camote tops, sigarilyas (winged bean), and red bell pepper for good measure.  I have started to like sigarilyas.:p

Looks like I'll be stocking on canned tuna and frozen cream dory in case I get too lazy to go the market.

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Oggi said...

So you're preparing for the high fat and calorie-ridden Christmas food. I love tanigue with tartar sauce.

I wouldn't mind eating fish every day. I just love fish!

maiylah said...

healthy! love homecooking!
i haven't tried sigarilyas yet (yeah, really)...must buy them soon. just don't have any idea how i'm going to incorporate them in my dish..i think i'll cook it the same way as yours! :D

thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, LM

Sherry said...

I will also be switching to a much healthier diet. My problem is high sugar naman :(

Anyway, pako salad is really good. I like it, too!

Dude for Food said...

Sounds like a good idea, my levels are kinda off the charts too, time to eat more fish...great post!

Rackell said...

I love fish, especially Tilapia! Yum yum!

Tetcha Figuerres said...

Fried tanigue with tartar sauce, what a tempting thought! You know I love fish, but the only fish I get to buy from the supermarket nearest us is bangus, tilapia and cream dory. Well, I love bangus, and I can survive eating only this with rice even for a week, but of course, I want to have a variety of fish, too, like that tanigue and maya-maya.

Raya said...

ah maya-maya soup! i miss that! i am looking forward to having that again when I go home to Pinas! here for a late ftf visit!