Thursday, July 14, 2011

Melancholic [Mapanglaw]

@ mirandablue
"One loves the sunset when one is sad..." ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Isang madramang tagpo sa dalampasigan habang papalubog ang araw. Mapanglaw ang paligid, malalim ang iniisip habang nakatingin sa kawalan.  Sana naintindihan nya na kahit ang masayang buhay ay may kaakibat na kadiliman, at ang salitang "ligaya" ay mawawalang saysay kung walang kalungkutan.

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A dramatic scene on the beach at sunset.  A melancholic air, a dejected mood as he stares blankly into space.  I hope he realized that even a joyful life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word "happy" would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness.

For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1)  What comforts you when you're sad and lonely?
2)  Who is the bravest person you know personally?


Pedro D. H. said...

Great photo, Miranda!

Photo Cache said...

Oh yeah I must agree, very dramatic shot. Perfect for the theme.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

the sunset is good if you are sad. And, you know that it will rise again in the morning.

Kim, USA said...

Aba parang kumirot ang puso ko sa nakita kung ito. Ano kaya iniisip niya. May hinihintay kaya siyang mahal sa buhay? Na nasa malayong lugar, naku po mahirap pang ganun ^_^

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Ola said...

very pretty with a bit of sadness!

Hootin Anni said...

Simply awe inspiring. So, so beautiful.

My Thursday Themesong Post: Mem'ries Hope you're having a glorious day.

Kayni said...

i agree. when i'm feeling low, somehow watching the sunset gives me calm and at times - hope for a brighter sunrise.

Cathy Kennedy said...

What gives me great comfort when I'm sad is none other than my hero, my husband. He's also the bravest person, I know.

Play Alphabe-Thursday tag. I enjoyed reading your “M” post today!
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~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
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Icy BC said...

Beautiful photo!

1) I find prayer comforting, and keep me in focus when I'm sad and lonely.

2) My little boy is the bravest person I know so far. He didn't even cry when his arm broke, and went through the whole incident gracefully for being just 8 years old.

Unknown said...

For T2Q-

a light conversation with a friend, playing with Fritz, and yes, prayer is comforting.

my only sister is the bravest person i know. she left home for greener pastures in a place where women are second class citizens, where laws are not always fair to foreign workers. she's all 4'11" but has the guts of a giant.

Self Sagacity said...

The computer is what comforts me when I am lonely. It opens up a lot of activities with the mind that takes all my sadness away. My son MattLove is the bravest person I know! When my other kids and I are cringing, he comes through to save us.

Colette S said...

When I"m sad, I listen to music or wattch tv or just cry. Sometimes crying helps.

I think my mom is very brave for all she has gone through.