Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bright, clear/Maliwanag [LP and T2Q]

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Ngayong panahon na ng tag-ulan, di ko maiwasang magbalik-tanaw sa nagdaang summer.  Nakaka-miss ang matingkad na sikat ng araw, maliwanag na kalangitan at ang masarap na bakasyon.  Kahit maalinsangan, sana laging summer na lang.  Ayoko ng walang katapusang ulan!

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Now that the monsoon rains have started, I can't help but look back at the joys of summer.  I miss the bright and delicious sunshine, clear blue skies and delightful vacation.  Even when it's hot and humid, I wish it's always summer.  Rain sniveling endlessly is not my favorite thing.

@ mirandablue
For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer and join the fun.

1)  Why spring/summer/autumn/winter is your favorite season?

2)  What do you normally do on a rainy weekend?


Kayni said...

beautiful photos.

autumn is my favorite because the weather is cooler and the colors of fall is beautiful.

when it rains, you'd find me reading a book or napping.

Marites said...

ang gaganda ng litrato mo. pareho tayo ayoko ng palaging ulan.

Kim, USA said...

Iba nga talaga ang liwanag mas parang cheerful ang mga tao lalo na dito sa lugar namin na halos mag anim na buwang kaming snow at malamig. Pag talagang matagal na sa apat na buwan ang lamig at snow feel ko na madali akong ma depressed. May power ang liwanag iba ang dala nang ligaya sa iba. ^_^

1. All season is my favorite. Dahil lahat sila may dalang halina at ganda.
2. Pag rainy naman gusto ko mag basa or matulog ^_^. Gusto ko kasi ang ingay nang ulan sa bubong at ang simoy nang hangin na malamig. Parang fresh na fresh and dating ^_^

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lino said...

nice luna... :)

SquirrelQueen said...

Beautiful photos, I love the sandy beach and blue water.

There are things I like about all the season but I think spring is my favorite. I enjoy all the new blooms and lots of sunshine.

I like to catch up on my reading on rainy weekends.

Dinah said...

my kind of beach weather! ako gusto ko ay tag-ulan pero dapat pwera baha. i love eating during the rainy months. imagine monggo at tuyo habang umuulan. reminds me of my childhood. o kay ay sopas na mainit, yum!


Unknown said...

we have a tropical climate, and we have two distinct seasons--the dry season and the rainy season. since i live near the coast, humidity is more extreme during the dry months.

but i'd pick the dry months over the wet season because monsoons bring in torrential rains and typhoons. with our perennial flood problems, rainy season means more suffering of people living in flood and landslide-prone areas, damage to agriculture, housing and infrastructure.

i don't go out on rainy weekends not unless it is really necessary. i listen to music, read, take a nap, do my own hot-oil, clean my room, or experiment in the kitchen.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I can see why you would miss the sunshine. Your pics are beautiful.

upto6only said...

tutuo pag tagulan nakakamiss ang liwanag ng araw. pero pag sobrang araw, miss naman ang ulan hehehe.

upto6only said...

nakakamis nga ang liwanag ng araw ngayon dahil ulan na ng ulan. kaso sa sobrang ulan namimiss mo din ang araw hehehe.

Cathy Kennedy said...

I prefer spring or fall simply because the weather is mild and both seasons are beautiful for their colors.

Rainy weekends, I simply enjoy being at home watching a good movie.

Come by to read…
L is for the way you LOOK at me

~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

Anonymous said...

nakakamiss ang dagat! lalo pa't umuulan ngayon dito.

andito ang aking liwanag..

Gale said...

Spring is my favorite season because:

a) My birthday and our anniversary is in Spring
b) Wildflowers
c) Green and beautiful
d) Baby animals
e) Actually decent weather in Texas

On rainy days I surf the net...or just sit on my covered porch and watch it pour.

Self Sagacity said...

My favorite season is summer. I just love warm weather and sunny days.
Stay in and cook. Or do chores. Boring? That's a life of a mom - I guess.

Colette S said...

My fave seasons are fall and Spring. Not to hot or too cold and things are just awesomely beautiful!

On rainy days , we just stay inside and do stuff., play, read, watch tv. cook, etc.

aloha :)

Icy BC said...

1) Spring and summer are my favorite seasons, because I love seeing new lives and warm weather.

2) On a rainy weekend, I like watch a really good movie with my family!

Ola said...

My favourite season is summer-sun, spending time on a speeboat, swimming etc
when it rains I usually read, clean up my apartment and do all the outstanding house works:)