Thursday, April 7, 2011

Punta Bulata: Poignant in its simplicity

@ mirandablue
Una sa lahat, congratulations sa mga bumubuo sa Litratong Pinoy---tatlong taon na tayo, mga kapatid!  Tinataas ko ng tasa ng aking kape para sa ating lahat. Cheers!

At dahil freestyle tayo ngayong Huwebes, pagpapatuloy ko ang mga silhouettes na kuha ko sa dalampasigan ng Punta Bulata.  Makulimlim ang langit at akala ko babagsak ang malakas na ulan.  Pero nakisama naman ang panahon, umambon lang ng konti at nanatiling nakatago ang araw.  Nagpakita lang ng kanyang ginintuang kinang nang ito'y palubog na.  

Halata bang mahilig ako sa silhouettes?  Sinasabi natin o naririnig, "ang ganda, simple lang pero maganda."  Ganyan ang palagay ko sa silhouettes---nakikita ako ang kagandahan ng mga simpleng bagay. Walang maraming kulay na gumugulo sa paningin.  Isa itong malikhaing paraan para maisalarawan ang drama, misteryo at iba't ibang lawak ng ating damdamin. Ano sa tingin mo?:p

@ mirandablue
First of all, my congratulations to the Litratong Pinoy team---it's been a wonderful and interesting three years!  I'm raising my coffee cup to all participants of this weekly photo challenge.  Cheers!

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary, we're free to post whatever we like.  So I continue with the series of silhouettes I took at the shores of Punta Bulata. It was a cloudy afternoon, and  I was expecting a downpour. But nature was drizzled and the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds all afternoon.  It showed its golden brilliance at sunset.

Obviously, I love silhouettes. Our eyes are used to the colors of everyday life that when we see light and darkness, it evokes a whole range of emotions, drama and mystery.  I believe that silhouette photography is a creative way to convey the beauty of simplicity. What do you think?

@ mirandablue
For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer and join:

1)  How do you deal with new ideas?

  • I embrace new ideas, have fun playing with ideas, and enjoy the controversial ones.  Everything is possible.:p
2)  What stresses you out?
  • Expectations, deadlines, doctor consultations, early morning flight, sickness in the family, slow internet connection, bumper-to-bumper traffic, waiting


 gmirage said...

Very appropriate ang mga framing ng shots mo! At ang gagandang silhouette...


emarene said...

wow, like ko yung 2nd photo na may model :)

Shengkay said...

I always love your photos..
to answer your 2 question..
1) Yeah, I always welcome new refreshes the mind..
2) too much noise..

My 2 Question .Have a nice day!
Be nice to people on your way up because you might meet them on your way down.
Shengkay Random Nest
Shengkay’s Journal

Anonymous said...

i love your take on silhouettes! lalo na nature. :D

1) How do you deal with new ideas?

i welcome them! weigh things out and think if it's to be considered.

2) What stresses you out?

a lot! people who are irresponsible, people who dont care for others, bad meal, poor system in any office and the list goes on!

Kilauea Poetry said...

The silhouette is a terrific way to convey the beauty of's lovely.
Your Q, I suppose if it means adjusting then it would depend (I'm full of ideas) lol)
You made a good list..if my kids go through something I tend to get dragged into it, or feel the emotions (bad and good). I guess no matter how old they get it doesn't seem to change.
(nice quote)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend-

Joanne Olivieri said...

First, those photos are so serene and peaceful. Just gorgeous.

1. I love having new ideas, especially creative ones. I like to build on new ideas and create something.

2. Waiting in line, expectations, drivers who do not stop when I'm exiting a bus or streetcar and self righteous people.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love your silhouette photos for all the reasons you stated. I am very fond of monochrome which evokes similar responses and also forces the eye to to view more detail.

I love new ideas, they are like little presents for the mind.

Problems with my internet always cause stress. Waiting for other people who are late is stressful for me.

Thess said...

Aking itinataas ang tasa ng aking tsa-a at mahinay na iniuumpog sa iyong tasa ng kape, cheers!

totoo naman, iba ang dating ng silhouette photography, may drama at kakaiba ang pakiramdam na naibibigay sa bumubusisi...

sister, kita tayo sa hunyo ha :)

iris said...

pareho pala tayo ng concept ng entry ngayong linggo, silhouette =)

maganda ang mga pictures mo. saan pala yang punta bulata?

Eds said...

Wow! Ang gaganda naman ng mga kuha mo.. ung lighting at angulo ang ngpatingkad sa mga entries mo this week.

Happy LP! :)

Eto naman ang aking entry

January Zelene said...

lovely i love it!

Sana iyo’y mabisita ang aking lahok..The Welder

Marites said...

ang ganda nga ng silhouette! saan ba ang lugar na ito? sarap ng tubig, kakaengganyo!

Kayni said...

i love these photos especially the second one.

as for the questions, sometimes i am reluctant to embrace new ideas. it takes me time to get used to something new.

work stresses me these days.

Self Sagacity said...

1) I embrace new ideas. Love them and look forward to them. I seek for them on going.
2) No time to do my tasks, paying bills, blog, etc. Not being able to accomplish everything I want to accomplish. Driving in traffic, long commute. Kids, family, mom. Some is good stress while others at deadly. Smiles

Margaret Duarte said...

I write my ideas down in a journal or on note cards and note pads. Stress usually results when I plan too much work for a day with little or no time for rest and play.

Unknown said...

I like new ideas, but sometimes it takes me too long to do anything with them and the new one is becoming an old idea that is not useful or good
as per your second question: there is few things that make me stressed, however the current one is going to see the consultants in the clinics, it seems like they never have time for you and they just don't care if there is any problem or not..

Icy BC said...

1) If new ideas came, I usually think about it, write it down, play with it first, and let it sit a while to see if it sinks in.

2) Financial problems stress me out most, and worries. I do well with deadlines..

Colette S said...

I like listening to new ideas, however sometimes I need convincing hat it can work late in a project or something I just want over with :)

2. So many things. Marriage, Thinking about what to cook. Being an all round mom for the kids all by myself like two parent in one, the thought of not being transformed enough if I'm not reading God's word. Oh so many things.

Anonymous said...

1. New ideas are like stepping stones for me whilst most times they tend to be something I would hang on to.
If they sound appealing and result in good fortunes, then I am up for it.

2. People who are always negative, internet connection that I have to put up with for the next few months, current job-hunting, health, blood tests, people who lie to me and government organisations.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Unknown said...

I liked your first and second photo best. Wonderful!

I have to warm up to a new idea as sudden changes throw me for a loop. It's like I have to turn it over in my mind a few times first.

One of my stressors is having someone give me a last minute addition to my schedule like someone reneging on something they told me they would do so I have to do it. Another is people sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths. Making others sick is so thoughtless!