Monday, October 12, 2009

Nostalgia [OWM & WS]

There is nothing special about this beach, in fact, I've never been here for almost two decades. But that weekend after we buried our grandmother, my siblings, cousins and I, had a sentimental yearning to see the beach of our childhood. This is where we frolicked during summer vacations, learned how to swim, chased hermit crabs, watched sunsets and dreamed of the world beyond Guimaras Strait. This stretch of seashore was our playground, from the Kissing Rocks to this rustic resort. Nothing has changed around here except for a wider beach erosion, and the owner as well as the nipa huts got older. The simplicity of life here is achingly sweet and familiar.

stroll to Kissing Rocks

the old Talisay is still standing

my cousins talking about the good ol' days


Ebie said...

The view is so scenic and love the long stretch of the shoreline. Those nipa huts reminds me much of home, almost identically idyllic!

Thanks for sharing the memories of your childhood!

Al said...

Hi Luna,

While I am reading your blog, the tune "bellbottom blues" played and it made me feel a bit emotional, it touched me. I love that song...thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about your Grandmom.

Will stay here for a moment until the song's finished.


Kero said...

thge place looks so serne and quiet. i too miss my home Batanes. it pretty much looks like this :)

I love th post and shots, Luna :)

Sidney said...

I particularly like the first picture ! Wow!

Looks like a nice and peaceful place !

escape said...

sometimes it's just not the beach that matters, but who we are with and why we are there.

Photo Cache said...

It's nice to walk around the beach and just locals to meet. You were lucky to grow up around such beautiful surroundings.

EG CameraGirl said...

Ah! The good old days. Well, we're living tomorrow's good old days NOW!

The beach is lovely to my eyes.

eastcoastlife said...

The good old days... sigh. I love those times when there were no worries and it was fun fun fun every day. :)

Kirigalpoththa said...

Beautiful beach!