Saturday, July 18, 2009

Lasang Pinoy: crusty tacos

Taco-craving is contagious. Look at these crusty beef tacos with salsa, onions, guacamole, cilantro and cheese, spiked with hot and spicy sauce, and you'd feel feverish. Then say the word "taco" to a friend and you'd find yourselves rushing to the nearest Tex-Mex like there's no tomorrow.

A taco lover will tell you that desiring a taco is comparable to an infant's need for milk, a smoker's craving for nicotine, or a shopaholic's hunger for shopping. You've got to have it---now! A confused taco lover may seek medical help, and any reputable doctor would tell her/him, with scientific certainty, that we are all programmed for tacos. From birth to the grave.

Fear not, a certified taco lover is not required to eat tacos everyday, only that he/she holds that the taco is the greatest of foods. S is protesting, asking where does this leave pizza? I don't have a response to that. I am focused on tacos.

May you never go taco-less.

Tacorito - tacos and burrito at Tia Maria

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ces said...

oonga ano...frankly i only thought about breads and pies haha!yum!

iska said...

Haha! You make me crave tacos right now!

foodiejenn said...

I love tacos, but I am always afraid of eating it in a food place because I really haven't mastered the art of eating tacos yet.

My Crusty post for LAPIS is now up HERE. Happy weekends!

Lynn said...

I can smell beef tacos right now. I miss the neighborhood taco store, Miggy's. I go to Pancake or Mexicali whenever I crave for tacos.

Jescel said...

i just had tacos for dinner! I normally buy just the taco shell and make my stuffing at home; they're easy to prepare. love it!

Oggi said...

Good to know Tia Maria is still doing business amidst new restaurants in Manila that pop up like mushrooms.:)

I love tacos too. What's not to like: crunchy shell, flavorful beef, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, cheese, sour cream, I'm hungry for tacos.:D