Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Let it rain!

Cibo's ripe mango shake and panacota garnished with mango
The summer heat is wearing me down. I visited a factory this morning and the whole place felt like an oven. Even with huge industrial fans all over the place, the heat was making everybody drowsy. When I came out of the building, the sun blinded me as I ran to the parking lot…sweating and panting; toasted and parched…I could only wish for the summer to be over! And driving in the middle of the day drives me crazy! I long for a jug of iced cold water. Or make it a pitcher of ripe mango shake!

I’m one of those people who hate to use an umbrella. I’d rather roast under the merciless noon-day sun than walk under an umbrella. But with the current temperature of 35 to 37 degrees Celsius, I began to use an umbrella and sun-block cream and lotion for my face and arms. I hate the sticky feel of sunscreens but it’s the most convenient protection we got from the sun’s UV rays. Thanks to a dermatologist who reminded me that I’m not getting any younger and the sun is unforgiving to the not-so-young skin.

I like my brown skin and I'm not afraid of being exposed to the sun, or getting darker during summertime. But gone were the days when I slept on the beach without a sun-block, and then suffer the pain of sunburn for weeks. I used to laugh at my friends who looked like Geishas when we go to the beach, their faces, arms and legs were covered with white sun-block creams and lotions; with towels covering their heads and faces when they’re exposed to the sun. When I read about skin cancers, I started to take precautions.

About 2 years ago, an American friend was diagnosed with a deadly, rare skin cancer. He’s still struggling with the disease up to this day. Every time I put on the sticky sunscreen on my face, I thought of my friend’s skin cancer. And with the global warming, expect a more intense heat this summer.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!


 gmirage said...

That looks like a tasty treat...both yellow too! =)

Like you I am not a fan of umbrellas and sunblock, that's why during summer, I prefer staying at home than go out to swim or so...boring ba? I get irritated easily by the sun's heat and as they say kagatin ng araw ...

Unknown said...

Yeah, sweet and cold. Just what I'm craving right now.:D

I love the sun...I go swimming at 12 noon when everybody's having a nap. And I didn't burn that easily when I was younger...balat kalabaw, according to my sister! hahahhaha But now, an hour under the sun and I look like a roasted pig!

Sidney said...

I really agree with you... I did a photo shoot this morning. At noon I had to stop... I was really exhausted... lost liters of sweat... was not feeling well anymore... and now I have a sunburn although I was working in the shade!
I also don't like the suncream but with a white screen I have no other choice!

The sun is really merciless... let's hope for some rain but I don't think it will come soon... in the meantime lets drink ice cold lemon and mango juice! :-)

Unknown said...

Dehydration and heat stroke are the dangers when you're shooting at this weather. Take precautions, Sidney. You're more vulnerable because of your fair skin...us natives are made of stronger stuff.:D