Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas postmortem

Christmas is over. How’s your Christmas hangover? Is the pocket bruised? The heart soothed? The wishes satisfied to the point of burping? If you pretended at giving, succumbing to the season’s expectations, are you squirming still? Forgive yourselves---we have to do those things once a year.

I usually feel deflated the day after Christmas. After the season’s excitement, the quietness this morning was a welcome respite. The rain seemed to rouse my aching limbs but I stayed in bed a while longer and listened to the voices downstairs.

I could hear Fritz barking as he ran into the house, anxious for its friendly smells and comforting noises from my nephews. Leftover ham, coffee, footsteps, boards creaking under the weight of remembered feet, laughter of all pitches and ages. The music of a family, my personal scrapbook of memories.

Five days to recuperate before the bustle of the New Year don’t seem so bad.


Migs Bassig said...

Yes, the pocket is bruised. And I had to work in the morning! Lucky you; it is quite lovely to recuperate with coffee in the morning, the rain falling lightly.

"...boards creaking under the weight of remembered feet..." - This is so poetic. I love it.


Unknown said...

It's been a busy Christmas for me. Swamped with relatives and balikbayan friends---I need a long and quiet vacation! But not yet...

Thanks for dropping by, Migs.