Monday, March 17, 2008

Saturday afternoon

Saturday afternoon found me and Fritz at the Harbor Square. I was craving for pancakes and coffee, Fritz loved to strut on the brick walkway. But we were turned away by the guard because dogs are not allowed there---even good-looking dogs like Fritz. Oh well! There was a shower of light rain as we were walking towards the parking lot; I was comforting Fritz and myself on the aborted pancake indulgence and the fact that unlike smokers, dog owners [and their dogs] have no place in many establishments. Then this man in pink umbrella caught my eye…a lonely figure against the cloudy Manila sky.


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

Lonely moments by the ocean are moments that I have known.

The weight of the world on my shoulders. The end of the world almost visible.

I seem to understand him
I can feel him
I can almost see him

The one thing I cannot understand is the "pink" umbrella ,,,


Unknown said...

hahahahaha dagul, i should have added something about the pink umbrella in my post. i love pink in men, believe me! but yeah, it was really the pink umbrella that made me take the shot.:D

Sidney said...

Wasn't it Bayani Fernando from the MMDA? ;-)

pusa said...

nice photos, i wonder what he's thinking under his pink umbrella =p

i luv pink too hehehe and i really commend real men who can wear pink

 gmirage said...

Its odd no? If a guy holds something pink yet its ok with us to be in all colors =D

He might be waiting for the owner of that umbrella...I like how one he's sitting and then he stood up like he's been torn between leaving or staying.

Unknown said...

hahahahah Sidney, napahalakhak ako sa comment mo! I didn't see his face...maybe it was BF, checking out the quality of water of Manila Bay.:D

Unknown said...

true, pusa! i remember seeing Paolo Bediones at Bonifacio High Street in January...he was wearing a pink polo...cute!:D

i hope he was not thinking of jumping into the water! hehehe

Unknown said...

Pink is perceived to be a feminine color that we usually raise an eyebrow when we see it in a man. If I’d find pink briefs (meron bang pink briefs???) in my brother’s underwear drawer, I will surely wonder! hahahaha

He was probably waiting for his Dyesebel.:D

Thanks, Gizelle!