Friday, March 28, 2008

Mambukal Resort

About 20 kilometers southeast of Bacolod is Mambucal Resort, situated at the foot of Mt. Kanlaon, an active volcano. A 45-minute drive from the city, the resort is surrounded by lush canopy of trees, a river with seven waterfalls, cottages, camping grounds, swimming pools, a lake for canoeing and a hot sulphur bath. The water in the dipping pool is said to boil an egg, and is good for arthritic people. There are also trails for mountaineers, bats flying above the towering trees, a 20-foot high slide-for-life and a wall for rock-climbing. Originally built as a spa in 1928, the building was designed by Kokichi Paul Ishiwata, a Japanese engineer, in 1927. The restored bathhouse is a historical marker supported by the National Historical Institute. The baths are open to the public at 150 pesos for a 30-minute bath. There are crevices around the resort spewing hot, boiling mud---there is smoke from underneath the rocks. Mt. Kanlaon must be having a temper tantrum these days.

I wanted to explore the waterfalls but there was an advisory that the 1st and 2nd falls were closed due to the recent landslide. Walked around the resort instead and enjoyed the cool mountain air.

Ishiwata bath house

lake for canoeing

boiling mud

smoke on the water

a JFK bust


Anonymous said...

hello, i enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pics of all those different places, some of which I've been to, and some i still want to see. it must be a good life you live, being able to travel a lot.

SeƱor Enrique said...

Wow! I'd love to check out this place one of these days!

Butui ka pa, panay ang travel. Good for you, Luna!

Sidney said...

Looks like a perfect place to enjoy a few quite days!
This boiling mud is scary!

Unknown said...

Hello, feyoh! i'm glad you enjoyed your visit to my page. i'm lucky for having the opportunity to travel and see other places. yes, it's a good life, and i'm grateful.:D

Thanks for visiting, and hope you'd come back soon!

Unknown said...

Hi, Eric! you should! sayang nga, i wasn't able to explore the waterfalls. i'd like to climb the mountains leading to mt. kanlaon someday soon...bago ako magkarayuma! :D

Unknown said...

it is, sidney. the cottages are very nice, and airconditioned.:D and it's not very far from the city. it's a perfect getaway when you're in bacolod.

 gmirage said...

Hidden Paradise! Japanese ang nagtayo?

My mom in law and I were talking about going to a sulfur spring...and then to a lake were the smaller fishes, i forgot what they'Re called, would eat on the dead flakes of your skin! hehe. I think Manila Oceanarium has that? or) Great photos Luna, I particularly like the canoeing photo! Mukhang masaya talga!

Unknown said...

yes, the original bathhouse was built by a Japanese...syempre, ang waterfalls at hot spring, hindi Hapon ang may pakana. :D

thank you, gizelle.

Anonymous said...

Mambukal is really a nice place. When I went to visit Bacolod for the first time 2 years ago, I was awed by the rows and rows of Sugar Cane all over the place. As for Mambukal, we even hiked up to the waterfalls and it was wonderful!

Unknown said...

hello, dyosa! it was my first visit to mambucal, and i'm glad i did. a place like mambucal is not common in negros, and most people prefer to go to the beach. i'm glad you enjoyed your visit to bacolod. the province has so much to offer to visitors.

thanks for visiting, and hope to see you here again.:D