Thursday, March 13, 2008


I wish I had learned to love you less...

touched the half-moon of your nails,

kissed your eyelids when you dream,

and kept your flowing river in my veins.

In my dreams, you are the touch

that connects the stars to my fingertips,

the affectionate warmth on my frigid skin.

In my dreams, you are the voice

that speaks of endless blossoming summers,

of heart songs and growing old together.

I wish I was there to lessen your sorrow

and grieve your unspoken grief,

cradle your head in gentle slumber,

and shelter the distance that you crave.

Instead I lay in the hammock of days spent

bathing in the smile beneath your eyelashes

un-kissed; longing to hear the echoes

of bursting stars inside my head...

I wish I had learned to love you less.


 gmirage said...

ay...ang ganda naman ng silhouette photo mo! *kainlove* =D

Unknown said...

oo nga...sarap na talaga magbakasyon!!! thanks, Gzel!

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

beautiful poem
did you compose it?

Unknown said...

hi, dagul! yes, i wrote it about 2 years ago. nahalungkat lang sa baul.:D

thanks for dropping by.

Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

You are a bonafide poet ...
(as my best friend woould say "pwet ka pala")

Seriously -I love the poem.
It reflects an angst that is reflective of a life lived with selfless but subdued passion ...

Don't put it back in the ""baul
Print it out and frame it ...
It is really great


Unknown said...

trying-hard 'pwet' nga!:D
what a lovely thing to say...thank you, dagul. it always feels good when somebody finds a message and meaning from something i wrote.

maraming salamat!