Tuesday, March 18, 2008



There is the night separating us
its black vastness
is more than i can cross
sleep hides in places hard to find
but elsewhere,
you are pillowed in the slumber
of the innocent
of the havoc you wreck on my heart
in these early hours of morning
as i sit, grieving
over what you can never give...
There is this life separating us---
everything about the way we live.


Daguldol Tarakatac III said...

I am guessing that this is another of your poems. It runs the same sentiment, reflects the same pain, accepts the same inevitability, shows the same sensitivity ...

You ARE a poet.
I don't mean to be patronizing (I have no reason to be) - but credit where credit is due - these are wonderful poems.

Write a book ... :-)


Anonymous said...

Parang namang mapapaiyak ako sa poem mo.

Migs Bassig said...

of the havoc you wreck on my heart..."

Ack! Don't make me cry! Unrequited love is a great poetic inspiration. And it's also the worst possible cause of tragedy. You've proved both of these with your piece.

 gmirage said...

hi Luna, how's life? I haven't come by for sometime =D Hope ur ok there! See yah!

Unknown said...

hi gizelle! i'm doing ok, thank you...may hangover pa sa vacation. have a wonderful week!

Unknown said...

dagul, if i'd write a book, would you publish it? :D

thank you! your words warm my heart.

Unknown said...

ok lang kahit napaiyak ka, bertn.:D tears clean the eyes, and they say, crying is good for the soul.:D

thanks for dropping by.

Unknown said...

ay, migs...i tried writing happy poems but couldn't do it. writing poetry is the last thing on my mind when i'm blissful and contented.:D

sometimes i'm a sucker for punishment. but reading my pain on paper is the first step to letting go, and healing.