Thursday, May 30, 2013

Big Mao @ Ayala-Cebu

Big Mao is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Cebu--it's hip, modern and good value for money.  A Cebuano friend brought me to Big Mao at the Crossroads a couple of years ago and I'm hooked since.  On my recent trip to Cebu, I took two friends to lunch at Big Mao in Ayala.  We got a couple of dishes---my favorite appetizer, cold jellyfish salad, mixed vegetables, yang chow fried rice, a chicken dish and this beef dish.  I tasted oyster sauce, it has strips of beef with cheese and asparagus on top.  The beef was a bit tough, and the cheese didn't blend well with the flavor.  Unfortunately, this was not as delicious as it looks.

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Unknown said...

Hi,I must admit the mix vegetables look so good.It makes me crave....hmmmnnn.. Have a great weekend.

Madz said...

Hi Luna,

It's been some time! Dropping by from FTF :)

I haven't been to Cebu, yet but I'll make sure to drop by Big Mao's when I finally travel there. Thanks for the recommendations!

Dexie said...

The mixed veggies look good. too bad about the beef though :(

maiylah said...

looks good! too bad about the beef dish...interesting combo, though. we seldom have time to drop by Ayala when in Cebu...pinakamadali dun sa SM. mas malapit kasi sa fastcrafts. :D

thanks much for sharing and linking over at Food Friday, LM