Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sour [Maasim]

Ang kamias ay maasim na prutas na madalas ginagamit na pampaasim sa mga nilutong pagkain.  Ginagamit ito sa halip ng sampalok o kamatis.  Ginagawa rin itong atchara at pampagana.  Ang hilaw na kamias ay kinakain din...madalas, ito ay sinasawsaw sa bagoong (ginamos) o asin.

Kamias (Iba, Averrhoa bilimbi, Cucumber Tree or Tree Sorrel) is a sour fruit commonly used as souring agent for various dishes to substitute tamarind or tomato.  It is also preserved for pickling and prepared as relish.  Uncooked kamias can be eaten raw or dipped in rock salt or shrimp paste.

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Medicinal uses (source): 
  • Skin diseases, especially with pruritus: Reduce the leaves to a paste and apply tolerably warm to areas of affected skin. 
  • Post-partum and rectal inflammation: Infusion of leaves.
  • Mumps, acne, and localized rheumatic complaints: Paste of leaves applied to affected areas.
  • Warm paste of leaves also used for pruritus.
  • Cough and thrush: Infusion of flowers, 40 grams to a pint of boiling water, 4 glasses of tea daily.
  • Fever: Fruit as a cooling drink.
  • The fruit has been used for a variety of maladies: beriberi, cough, prevention of scurvy.
  • Infusion of leaves also drank as a protective tonic after childbirth.

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Ebie said...

Di ba pwede ito sa sinigang? I think ang tawag sa amin ay balimbing?

Photo Cache said...

we use this for sinigang back home.

Andrea said...

It's good someone posted this minor fruit. It is even dried during summer and used year round for the same reason as when it is fresh. It is the best ingredient for 'sinaing na tulingan', famous from Batangas. You have to be careful though, in eating fresh fruits as it is high in oxallic acid which acts on the enamel or Calcium of the teeth, which weakens them.

Dinah said...

ay puedeng puede rin itong papakin ;-p

Mildred said...

I didn't know this fruit!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful shots and the information about the Kamias;o)

Have a nice and happy day****

snowwhite said...

Oh, interesting! This fruit is magical fruit, isn’t it!! Do you eat this fruit every day? I suppose in Japan aloe is similar to this fruit. The leaves of aloe are used for medical use, cosmetic use, cure of disease and more.
Your header is beautiful!
Best wishes,

Marites said...

ang alam ko lang sa kamias ay gamit sa sinigang o pwdeng gawing jam. Andami ko namang natutunan dito tungkol sa kamias. Ang galing pala niya. maligayang LP!