Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pet [Alagang hayop]

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Natural, bida ngayon ang alaga ko, si Fritz. Para sa akin, si Fritz ang pinaka-poging aso sa balat ng lupa.  Malambing sya, mabait, mabango at kasalukuyang naghihilik sa tabi ko.  Medyo spoiled itong alaga ko...kadalasan, nagpapasubo pa.  Biro ng mga kaibigan ko, sayang lang daw ag binubuhos kong pagmamahal at atensyon kay Fritz.  Buti pa daw ang kalabaw, napapakinabangan.  Hindi ko minamaliit ang halaga at pakinabang ng kalabaw [lalo na sa mga magsasaka], pero pwede ko bang yakapin at halikan ito?

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Naturally, Fritz is the star of today's post.  For me, he is the handsomest dog in the planet.  He's sweet, gentle, smells good and right now, snoring beside me.  I admit, Fritz is a bit spoiled...more often than not, he nibbles on his food but eats heartily when spoon-fed.  Friends love to tease me that I have a bad case of misplaced love for a pet, after all, Fritz couldn't do things for me.  While I don't underestimate the value and usefulness of a water buffalo [especially to farmers], I don't think I could hug or kiss this animal.

Trivia:  In 2004, the first test-tube hybrid carabao [water buffalo] was born in the Philippine Carabao Center in Nueva Ecija, and was named "Glory" after the former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

@ mirandablue
For Thursday 2 Questions - you are invited to answer these questions and join us:

1)  If you have a pet, do you think he or she understands you?

  • yes, I believe Fritz understands me.  certain words prompt him, he responds to my [tone of] voice.

2)  What is the most endearing trait of our pet?

  • Fritz is most endearing when he lays his head on my leg and waits to be scratched; my heart melts every time he runs to the door to welcome me home, or licks my nose when I tell him I love him.


Kayni said...

naku, di puwedeng yakapin ang cute talaga ni Fritz.

Thess said...

Eeekkkk! Mas pogi ang anak kong si Charlie!! ha ha ha! I Love You, Fritz!! Sige share kayo ng title ni Charlie ha, please pogi, please? lol

Minsan (kahit biro) nakakalungkot ang mentality ng ibang tao concerning animals...mas tiwala ako 110% sa honesty, pure love, loyalty, at friendship na ibinibigay ng aso keysa sa ibang tao na nakilala ko.

Pasensha na sister, passionate ako pagdating sa usapang animals lalo na aso ha ha ha! Happy LP! hugs for fritz ;)

Thess and Charlie

Unknown said...

Thess, Fritz is willing to share the title.:p

I agree with you on the loyalty, love, honesty and friendship of animals compared to some humans.:p i guess if you're not a pet owner, it's hard to understand people like you and me who shower all the love and attention we can give to our dogs. well, they're not necessarily "bad" people, they're just different.:p

Hugs to you and Charlie!

TheOzSys said...

Naku mukhang pabidahan ng mga "stage mother" ngayong linggo ha - Fritz vs Charlie - hahaha!

Happy LP, Luna!

SquirrelQueen said...

Fritz is adorable and very handsome. The water buffalo doesn't look too hugable.

My cat understands me and knows exactly how to get her way. When she wants to (cats are like that) she will come when I call.

She will snuggle up to me and look up telling me she wants to be petted.

upto6only said...

hahaha ang ganda ng comparison. napapakinabangan naman ang aso ah. diba nga sila ang "man's best friend' atpag nasa panganib ka ay ililigtas ka nito.

silentprincess said...

ang cute naman at nagpapasubo pa..hahaha

Kerri said...

Fritz is beautiful! And looks so sweet! They absolutely understand us! My dog Chester was a kindred spirit. He was a corgi and had a face similar to Fritz's. His most endearing trait was his perpetual happiness - I'm not that way, and I learned much from him!

Kerri said...

just read "dimensionally-challenged - love it! I'm enjoying your site!

Self Sagacity said...

I love white fur dogs, we had a toy dog like that, that my mother kept in a glass cabinet.
The water buffalo photo is priceless my dear! I would love to have the opportunity to take natural photos like that. I guess I should have answer Jo's question with what I am writing here...hehe
1) I don't have a pet now but used to when I was very young. He was a member of our family and was treated like one.
2) I never took care of a pet myself, so I don't have an answer for this question ;-).

Fotokarusellen said...

A beautiful pet and a stunning second
shot. Perfect!

DoanLegacy said...

Yes, I think dogs understand human emotion, and the best trait in dogs is their loyalty, and loving.

I only have encountered with dogs for pet so have no other experiences to tell you.