Thursday, March 24, 2011

Itim [Black]

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Isa sa walong aso sa resort sa Punta Bulata si Magic.  Masaya lahat ang mga aso na sumalubong sa amin pero itong si Magic ang napansin ko.  Panay ang lapit sa akin, parang friends na kami.  Makinis ang itim nitong balahibo at tulad ng alaga ko, enjoy din si Magic habang kinakamot sa ulo. Malambing si Magic at di ko man lang narinig kumahol.  Sabi pa ng caretaker ng resort, mahilig daw itong maligo sa dagat.  Nakabantay s'ya lagi sa dining area, pero pagkatapos ng tanghalian, di ko na s'ya napansin.  At alam mo ba kung nasaan si Magic?

Heto...nagpa-power nap.  Ang sarap ng buhay!

Sali na sa Litratong Pinoy

@ mirandablue
Magic is one of the 8 dogs at the resort in Punta Bulata.  All 8 dogs happily greeted us when we arrived but it was Magic who caught my eye.  He was very friendly, constantly rubbing his nose on my leg as if we were long-time friends.  I loved his smooth black fur and he loved being scratched---just like my baby.  The resort caretaker told me that Magic loves to take a swim at the sea.  He's usually lounging at the dining area but after lunch, I didn't see him again.  I wondered where he was.  Well, I found him napping at this recliner, facing the sea.  What a great life he has!

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  • What do you think of dogs?
A dog is indeed (wo)man's best-friend.  Dogs love unconditionally. You tell your dog the nastiest things about you, and he loves you anyway.  They're uncomplicated, warm and sweet and would do anything for a little affection.
  • If you have a dog(s), tell me about him/her.
This is Fritz, a 4-year old Japanese spitz half-breed.  My nephew calls him half spitz, half bisaya, to which he answers with a roar.  Fritz is gentle and good-natured, he loves kids and very popular in the neighborhood, in the mall, and everywhere we go. He has a crush on our neighbor's dog, Kimchu. When I'm home, he wants me to sit beside him at feeding time, and sometimes prefers to be spoon-feed by nobody else but me.  He loves to drink water straight from the fridge--he would wait for cold water being poured into his bowl before drinking.  He walks straight to the bathroom when you tell him it's bath time.  Fritz "talks" with his paws when he needs to pee or poop--he always does his business outside.  He waits for me to come home every night, restless until I arrive.  And seems to understand when I leave the house with luggage---he doesn't wait up and sleeps early.  Oh, I can go on and on and on...I guess you can never really understand the love between a (wo)man and a dog unless you have one.

@ mirandablue
My goal in life is to be as good of a person my dog already thinks I am.  


Kayni said...

basta ako, i love dogs. ang cute naman sina magic at fritz. happy LP.

Photo Cache said...

ang ganda naman ng pwesto nung asa sa garden.

upto6only said...

hahaha ganda ng tulugan nya sa upuan. bakit Magic ang pangalan nya?

Simply Dyes said...

Buti hindi ka takot sa aso tulad ko :)

Heto ang aking lahok. Kung maaari po ay sundan ako sa GFC at/o NetworkedBlogs. Maraming salamat!

Maligayang Hwebes!

emarene said...

now I want a dog! :) ang cute kasi ni Fritz...

TheOzSys said...

Nag-magic pala si Magic at power-napping ang trip pagkakain - the life nga naman - hahaha!

Dinah said...

Ang sarap naman ng buhay ni Magic! Kakainggit!

Wala kaming dog kasi walang space sa bahay. Pero gusto ng mga anak kong mag-alaga.

January Zelene said...

relaks na relaks ang asa sa ibabaw ng upuan.. hehe

Itim / Black

Oregon Gifts of Comfort and Joy said...

Hi Miranda,

Your story about Magic reminds me of the age old question: "What DOES a dog do on his day off???" Lol.

Thanks for stopping by to visit ... all of your photos are beautiful, including the one of Fritz.

Take care,


EG CameraGirl said...

Magic is a sweetie! He looks like the kid of dog that would enjoy swimming!

Margaret Duarte said...

1. I love dogs and think they are a gift to mankind in their selfless giving.
2. My only dog was a collie when I was young. He was run over by a car. I never wanted to own a dog again and feel that loss.

Self Sagacity said...

Dogs make great pets and friends. They are used in so many ways. In security and there are dogs that are used to lead the blind. It's wonderful that they are so smart.
I don't currently have a dog, but my daughter reminds me how much she wants one.

lino said...

hehe, ayos si magic...

magandang araw luna... :)

Hope said...

Oh I love dogs! LOVE THEM! I feel they are family and they make such great companions.

I have 2 dogs. A Chihuahua Jack Russell named Camber and a "Dorkie" Daschund Yorkie named Wrecks. They are one of the biggest delights in my life and the love they give and allow me to give to them is such a gift!

Viola said...

What a beauty he is Magic! Seems like he knows how to enjoy the good life! ;) And Fritz is beautiful, too! :)

I do not have a dog, but a cat. I love cats! But dogs are kind friends, too.. :)

Icy BC said...

I like dogs more than any other pets. They are a comfort to human beings.

At this moment, I don't have one, so I can't tell you :-)

Unknown said...

I love your dog. He is adorable. They (dogs & cats) give us so much unconditional love. Dogs are more affectionate and loyal though, in my way of thinking. A dog will risk his life to save yours and who can give you a more warming welcome?

Colette S said...

I like dogs. They make very good companions and even protection.

I would love to get a dog for our family but dh is more of a cat person.

We'll see though.


fortuitous faery said...

who knew "black magic" also came in canine form? :)

happy weekend!