Thursday, December 2, 2010

Open [bukas]

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Pinag-iisipan mo ba ang iyong mga panaginip at sinusubukang analisahin?  Lagi akong nananaginip noon ng bahay na maraming pintuan--di ko alam kung saan ako papasok.  Pagod na pagod ako pag-gising ko.  Medyo nabahala ako nang paulit-ulit ang aking panaginip at iba't-ibang bersyon.  Sabi ng iba, ang bukas na pinto daw ay naglalarawan ng bagong oportunidad at pangitain ng magandang kapalaran.  Kung ito naman ay bumubukas palabas, may pangangailangan ka daw na maging accessible sa iba.  At kapag papasok naman ay palatandaan daw ng iyong pagnanais sa pagsaliksik at pagtuklas ng sarili.  Ano sa tingin mo?

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Do you think about your dreams and try to analyze them?  I used to have dreams about a house with many doors---I didn't know which door to enter, and I woke up exhausted.  It bothered me when the dream kept recurring in different versions. Some say that an open door represents a new opportunity and a sign of good fortune.  If it opens outward, you may have a need to be more accessible to others.  An inward opening door may represent your desire for inner exploration and self-discovery.  What do you think?  

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For Thursday Two Questions - you are invited to answer and join.

1.  What kind of dreams bother you?
2.  What it is about doors that is so compelling?


 gmirage said...

sa palagay ko ay napapaniginipan ko ang mga bagay-bagay kasi yun ang iniisip ko habang gising :D wala lang lol, unhelpful e. happy lp!

Photo Cache said...

I long since stopped being bothered by dreams :)

Although I had a queer evening where I dreamed of almost all my friends from high school :) I am guessing a reunion is in the works.

I love the archways, anything arched I love.

How have you been?

Marites said...

galing ng pangalawang litrato..ganda pa ng disenyo ng pintuan. Sang-ayon ako tungkol sa iyong panaginip. Baka may gusto kang gawin kaya nananaginip ka ng ganoon. maligayang LP!

upto6only said...

narinig ko nga din yang ganyan. malay mo nga may papasok na magandang swerte sa iyo :)

Happy LP

Unknown said...

My answers to Thursday 2 Questions:

1) I don't pay much attention to my dreams as much as I used to. but i experienced psychedelic dreams that were also violent when i was taking meds. and i believe those dreams were the result of a prescribed drug. i talked to my doctor and she eventually changed the prescription.

2) i find doors compelling because they signify a myriad of nuances in our everyday life. doors can be symbols of hope, acceptance, change, secrets and fears, passage of time.

Unknown said...

@ Photo Cache, ok lang ako. mukhang masarap vacation mo.:p

Cathy Kennedy said...

Dreams about my children being in trouble or I can't find my husband deeply disturb my sleep. I often wake feeling bothered or terribly sad. I usually need a hug of reassurance from my husband and then I'm good.

I believe doors in your dreams represents some sort of choice or opportunity. I don't really try to analysis my dreams, but I'm sure there are underlying meanings in them; some are subconscience desires and others I believe God speaks to us through our nightly visions.

DoanLegacy said...

1) I don't like scary dream.

2) I have not thought of doors the way you do..Now, this is something for me to think about.

Margaret Duarte said...

The dreams that bother me the most are the ones I can't remember, especially when I know they held a message. I love the way the door is used as a symbol (open, closed, slightly ajar)for the state of our hearts.

Icy BC said...

1) I used to have dreams of falling off the bridge while driving..That bothers me..

2) Doors are fascinating as it's the symbol of welcoming when it's open, and keep out when it's close.

SquirrelQueen said...

I believe dreams are just a way of sorting through the files in our heads and filing/discarding the information. It is rare that I have a bad dream but when I find myself in one I simply tell myself to wake up. I know that sounds silly but I have done it many times.

To me doors are curiosity, I want to know what is on the other side of them.

silentprincess said...

nakakapagod nga ganung panaginip kase ako din ang dami kong panaginip na paggising ko pagod na pagod ako..Happy LP!

agent112778 said...

gusto ko yung unang pix, sa Ilocos sur ba yun?

Bukas na ang aking entry dito
PS:Thanks if you visited my site last week. I upgraded my site to a new domain name "" thus my site is absent for about 24 hours during the LP bloghop. sorry for the inconvenience.

Lui said...

1) When I woke up to the same reality manifested in my dream. It does not bother me but I try to understand the meaning behind it.

2) We always love the anticipation of opening it and seeing what's inside. I rarely open doors unless I'm invited.

Self Sagacity said...

Great dream question. the ones that bothers me is one where I see my SO flirts with a girl, or like someone else. Even though it is far from the truth, but I live it in real life sometimes. Such a duffus I am.

That one door you have posted is very intriguing and that door I say is so unusual like from an ancient past.