Sunday, May 23, 2010

BOTR and memories

Food and memories---there is a powerful connection between them. That's why the smell of freshly baked bread reminds me of my afternoon strolls to the local bakery when I was a teenager where the aroma of baked pandesal wafted throughout the neighborhood, and the texture of cheese brings me back to the cheese sticks I shared with my grandmother under her mosquito net. I am sure you have your own food nostalgia, too.

I had one of those recently when Franzia told me there's a BOTR (Bun on the Run) at Metrowalk. What??!! BOTR--our favorite take out every time we watched a movie at Greenbelt 1. I haven't eaten or seen a Bun on the Run in more than a decade. I loved their sausages, porkloin sandwich and chori burger. And I couldn't wait to have a BOTR once again.

As soon as our order was served, I remember the Greenbelt days [and nights] ten to twenty years back. Sundays when I would read books in National Bookstore for hours because I couldn't afford to buy them. Movies after midnight (it was called Midnight Workaholics) when Greenbelt extended showtime until 2 am. Saturday afternoons when I would sometimes fall asleep inside the theater after drinking The Bar disguised as Sprite. A couple of pervs I encountered in Greenbelt (and some I terrorized!), a couple of dates, the days when I skipped work and wallowed in comfortable sloth at the park by stalking the exotic birds at the Greenbelt aviary.

I breathed in the familiar aroma of pickles and onions, heard the ambient noise, and felt somebody's hand holding mine. I wished my sister was here to share this Bun on the Run moment with me and Franzia. Iinggitin ko na lang s'ya sa pictures.:p

I had Sausage with pickles and onions, Franzia ordered Porkloin Sandwich and Sally had Tuna Cheese with French Fries with garlic cream dip.

And yes, it was as good as I remembered.

Bun on the Run @ Metrowalk


escape said...

oh wow! just recently ive been craving brothers burger and this looks like a good option. i love pickles on burgers.

Ebie said...

Ah, those were the days, when all the goodies and movies were so cheap and safer to hang out late nights.

Hahahaha, I love the name Bun-on-the-run!

Now, you are making me grave for burgers!

Azumi's Mom ★ said...

I also have my own Greenbelt days about 5-10 years ago, when we would always go there almost every friday to watch the LFS..

I gotta try than BOTR soon... thanks for sharing =)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Why is it called Bun on the Run? Is the the name of the place? Hahaha dami kong tanong. Love your music here.

Sis, tanong ko pala, are you from Bicol?

Photo Cache said...

food is attached to many of my favorite memories as well. glad you got reconnected with BOTR, never heard of them though, but they look good.

Buck said...

Bun on the Run is an awesome name. We have a similar place here, a family place, not a chain. It's called Jumpin' Jack's. Open during the summer months for burgers and ice cream. Your memories have triggered my own. Thanks for that!

Sunshinelene said...

hmmm food and memories! i can relate. i can relate. hahaha.

the buns are mouthwatering. i had also nice memories of greenbelt way back in 1998.


Ebie said...

RYC, yung Santa Rosa trip to LA, is north going to South, then from LA (Union Station), going to Irvine is further South.

Hehehehe, meron pang majhong sa picnic, parang Pinas talaga.